Phosphorus 30, 200, 1M- Best Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

Phosphorus 30, 200, 1M- Best Uses, Benefits and Side Effects

Phosphorus is chiefly an antipsoric remedy and an important remedy in Homeopathy. Dr. Hahnenmann introduced this medicine and Dr. Kent described the constitutional picture of it. 

This medicine is prepared chemically from phosphoric acid (bone acid) through the distillation process with charcoal. 

It is potentized with trituration and succussion methods for homeopathy use. 

Phosphorus Personality/Constitution

Phosphorus is suitable for tall slender people with fair skin, blond or red soft hair, delicate eyelashes, and sensitive nature.

Young people, grow rapidly, anemic, narrow chested, and inclined to stoop. 

Phosphorus is a weak, nervous person who wants to be magnetized. His sanguine temperament means he is curious, creative, spontaneous, optimistic, and cheerful. He can make new friends easily. 

It produces a picture of destructive metabolism like hemorrhagic tendency, degenerates mucous membrane, irritates serous membrane, inflamed spinal cord and nerves, and causes fatty degeneration of blood vessels. 

The suddenness of symptoms means sudden weakness, faintness, shooting pain, sweating, and great susceptibility to external impressions, to light, noise, weather changes, touch, and odors are characteristics of Phosphorus. 

Phosphorus Uses

This article will cover from head to toe all the organs of the body. And wherever symptoms are matched, this medicine can be used-

Mind Complaints 

The phosphorus mind is anxious, restless, sensitive, timid, and easily fearful. He has fear of something will happen or as if something were creeping out of every corner. 

A person has anxiety during a thunderstorm. Phosphorus wants sympathy, excitable to external impressions, and has exaggerated the idea of its importance. 

A Phosphorus person is timid, irresolute, and disinclined to work, and study. It is suited to a person who has a memory loss problem, and who feels tired physically and mentally also. 

Phosphorus has mental depression: Destroys everything, unwilling to talk or answer slowly. 

A person is in a state of sleepiness, it is hard to arouse him. He has a delusion that he is on a distant island as well as accuses himself of the actions of which he had not been guilty. He wants to commit suicide. He feels anxious which is better after weeping.

Phosphorus children have slow speech development. Some children can walk during sleep. 

It is a beautiful remedy for headaches and other sufferings from grief. 

Phosphorus sleep is characterized by great drowsiness, short naps, and frequent waking. 

Old phosphorus people complain of sleeplessness. It is indicated for vivid dreams of fire, bleeding from various parts of the body, biting animals, restless at work, or dreams of unfinished business. 

It is useful for sleepy nature during menses and after dinner. It is indicated for a person who suffers from sleepless nights and is sleepy during the daytime. 

Head Complaints 

Phosphorus is suited for chronic congestion of the head with neuralgia

Causative factors of headache: Fasting, hunger, after grief, slight physical exertion, weather changes, loud noise, mental strain, and before a thunderstorm. 

It is indicated in pulsating, throbbing headache with a burning sensation. Headache is accompanied by vertigo and nausea. The characteristic of vertigo is ‘vertigo on exertion of vision which is aggravated by looking downward and upwards. 

Phosphorus is indicated for the old one who suffers from vertigo with faintness after rising.

Phosphorus is recommended for itching of the scalp with dandruff, falling out of hair in large bunches from a single spot, and tightness of skin over the forehead. 

Phosphorus is known as a ‘washerwoman headache’ remedy. Whenever she washes clothes or walks fast she can feel a rush of blood towards the head, heatwaves on the face, head, and sensitive scalp, and sudden shooting pain at the vertex.

Eyes Complaints

Phosphorus covers various eye disorders like cataracts, glaucoma, atrophy of the optic nerve, paresis of external orbital muscle, retinal changes, and orbital pain. 

Phosphorus is indicated in partial loss of vision after abuse of tobacco, sexual excess, lightning, and edema of upper and lower lids.

It is good for eye strain, eye fatigue, and headache. A person who can see colors followed by migraine or a black point floating before the eyes and has frequent itching in the eyes.  

Ears Complaints

Phosphorus is useful for hearing difficulties, especially re-echoing of sounds, music, or one’s voice. 

Special conditions need help from Phosphorus: Dullness of hearing after typhoid, Mastoiditis, Otitis media, and ear polyps.

Nose Complaints

Phosphorus is indicated for chronic catarrh, epistaxis (bleeding from the nose), and bloody polyps that bleed easily. 

Phosphorus person is sensitive to smell, cold water, or cold weather. 

It is suitable for fluent coryza which is alternated with dry coryza. Coryza is associated with sneezing, throat pain, and mild headache. Sneezing is aggravated by dust, a strong smell, and cold weather. 

It covers the nasal polyp with a swollen red, shiny nose, painful to touch and the internal nose has swelling, dryness, and ulcerated scabs on the margins. 

Mouth Complaints

It is useful in ulcerative, bleeding gums. Gums are sore behind central incisors.

It is a wonderful remedy for toothache especially after washing clothes and putting hands in cold water and aggravated in the morning.

It is specifically indicated for persistent bleeding after tooth extraction. It is indicated in rapid decaying of teeth with tearing and shooting pain aggravated in open air and eating warm food.

It has characteristic dryness of tongue, mouth with reddish-white slight coating and saltish, sweetish salivation. It is useful for abscesses of the palate with itching.

Face Complaints

Phosphorus has a pale complexion, blue rings around the eyes with a swollen face. It is specially indicated in swelling and necrosis of the lower jaw. It is suited in cases of tearing pain in facial bones with redness and burning at one spot of the cheek. It is useful for dry lips and has a crack in the middle of the lower lip.

Throat Complaints

Phosphorus is indicated for burning throat pain with dryness and roughness in the throat. It is useful for the sensation of stricture in the esophagus or feels like something is hanging in the throat. 

It is good for throat pain while coughing and hawking cool mucus in the morning. 

Phosphorus is a helpful remedy for hoarseness of voice, Clergyman’s sore throat, and larynx pain. Phosphorus has aphonia and hoarseness of voice which is aggravated in the evening and morning. While a croupy voice is an indication of bronchitis. 

A person who suffers from larynx infection may feel suffocation in the larynx and trachea, he cannot speak, associated with prostration.

Chest Complaints

Phosphorus is a remedy for a repeated attack of bronchitis and hemoptysis with great debility. Phosphorus cough is aggravated by tickling in the throat because of cold air or reading, talking, laughing, and going from a warm room into cold air.

Cough is associated with trembling of the whole body, tight suffocative oppressive breathing, and wheezing, burning sensation in the chest. 

It is indicated for chest congestion of chest: Burning, piercing, soreness and tension in the chest with stitches in the left chest. Pain is aggravated with any emotions or anxiety. 

Phosphorus is a lung remedy. It works on inflammation, hepatization of lungs, especially of the lower half of the right lung, and pneumonia of the left lower lobe of the lung. A patient complains of tightness and stitches through the lungs which are aggravated by deep inspiration. He may have yellow spots on chest regions. 

Heart Complaints

Phosphorus is indicated for a disease of the right heart, dilatation of the heart which is followed by endocarditis or fatty degeneration. Heart condition is associated with palpitation from every motion. 

Stomach Complaints

Phosphorus is useful for gastralgia and heartburn. Heartburn of Phosphorus is described as belching large quantities of wind after eating, vomiting of water as soon as it becomes warm in the stomach, burning in the stomach, and a sore spot in the stomach with heaviness. 

This remedy is helpful for pregnant women who suffer from vomiting. She cannot drink water during pregnancy. She feels nauseated during bathing also. 

Thirst for cold water is characteristic of Phosphorus. But phosphorus patients have no thirst during fever.

This is indicated for postoperative vomiting, after the use of anesthesia. Vomiting contains bile, blood, and coffee ground-like substances. 

Hunger is one of the important signs of Phosphorus: Ravenous hunger during or before hunger. Appetite is increased during headaches. Empty hollow sensation in stomach after emotions.

Phosphorus has a craving for salt, refreshing things, Ice-cream, spicy things, fish, cold milk, chocolates, cheese, chicken, and cucumber. And he dislikes fruit, tomatoes, onions, coffee, garlic, and warm things like warm food, water, and milk.

Abdomen Complaints

Phosphorus is indicated for various liver diseases like jaundice, acute yellow atrophy of the liver, liver cancer, and diffuse hepatitis. 

Phosphorus patients have a sensitive abdomen, weakness, heaviness, and pain with all gone sensation in the stomach. 

It is indicated for distention, the pain of the abdomen with emission of much flatus. Abdominal pain is aggravated with drinking warm drinks and lying on the right side.

Rectum Complaints

Phosphorus is a good remedy for chronic painless diarrhea of undigested food. Diarrhea is painless, with very offensive stools and flatus. Diarrhea is associated with great weakness and violent burning in the anus-rectal region. 

It is useful for the morning diarrhea of old people. In old people, diarrhea alternates with constipation. Stools are watery, mixed with flakes of white mucus, cheesy masses, and blood clots.

Urinary Complaints

Phosphorus is useful in hematuria, especially in acute Bright’s disease. It is indicated in albuminuria and frequent micturition at night but with scanty discharge.

Urine consists of red-white sediments and sandy or fatty casts. It helps patients who have a constant discharge of thin, slimy, colorless fluid from the urethra then suffer from weakness.

Male Complaints

Phosphorus is useful for sexual mania as well as for impotence after excessive excitement. It is indicated for irresistible and involuntary desire, frequent emission at night even after coition but has lack of power. 

Female Symptoms

Phosphorus is indicated in suppuration, burning, watery, offensive discharge, fistulous ulcer of mammary glands, uterine polyp, and menses disorders. 

It does wonders in menstrual disorders: menses too scanty, early, and prolonged. She complains of slight hemorrhage from the uterus between periods. During menses, she suffers from pain in the back.  

Phosphorus has a characteristic amenorrhea phase. She complains of profuse, corrosive leucorrhea (white, yellow discharge) or bleeding from the anus or hematuria instead of menses. 

It is a useful remedy for nursing women after or during pregnancy. She may have sexual desire during pregnancy and lactation. Her nipples have burning pain. Nursing woman complains of either metrorrhagia (abnormal bleeding from the uterus) or amenorrhea. 

Hand Symptoms

Phosphorus is indicated for rheumatic pains of the shoulder, arms, and hand joints in the evening and for stiffness of the upper limb joints on washing in the morning. Palms and hands have burning pain with profuse sweat associated with sweating at the head. 

It is helpful for weakness, numbness, and trembling of hands while holding something. Small joints of the upper arms may feel tension and pain with swelling. 

Phosphorus has great help for paralysis of fingers as well as for jerking pain in fingers, and numbness of fingertips. It is useful for cracked, dry skin at joints of fingers with swelling and coldness of hands.

Legs Symptoms

Phosphorus does wonders for knee problems: Rheumatic stiffness of knees with pain at night that radiates towards feet. A patient complains of heaviness in the hollow of the knee and arthritic rigidity in the knee region. 

Some characteristic rheumatism is cured by only Phosphorus: Where stiffness of joints is more prominent than any pain. Patients may experience tight feelings all over the body including the skin. Complaints are very much sensitive to thunderstorms. 

It is indicated in various leg symptoms like paralytic weakness, pain and swelling of feet, sprained pain in the ankle, easy dislocation of the foot, numbness of toes, inflammation, and redness of the ball of the great toe. 

Phosphorus is useful for ulceration of the skin of the tibia, surrounded by small pustules and petechial spots also. It is also indicated for gangrenous periosteum of the tibia associated with bruised burning pain, swelling, and fever.

Back Symptoms

Phosphorus is a wonderful remedy for throbbing and burning pain in between the shoulder blades. It is indicated for pain in the sacral, lumbar, and coccyx regions. A patient complains of stitching pain at the coccyx region that radiates to the occipital region. He also has a stiff neck.

It is useful for a patient who complains of sensitiveness and irritation of the spinal process which is aggravated by heat, pressure, and least exertion. Weakness in the spinal region is associated with weakness and trembling of the lower limbs.

Skin Symptoms

Phosphorus is a hemorrhagic remedy. Its sphere of action includes wounds that bleed very much, jaundice, petechial rashes, ecchymosis (redness of the eye with edema), scurvy, fungal infections, and ulcers bleeding during menses.

It is indicated for skin burns during shaving or for thin, foul bloody pus from wounds, and for little ulcers.

Fever Symptoms

Phosphorus fever has a lack of thirst and unnatural increased hunger. Fever is associated with a hectic, quick pulse, profuse night sweats, and chills in the evening. A patient complains of heat at night with anxiety, burning face and hands, redness in cheek, and great prostration. 

Phosphorus has a characteristic craving for ice during chill.

Phosphorus Modalities

Modalities are the factors that increase or decrease the complaints in a patient.

They are categorized as aggravating factors and amelioration factors.

Aggravating factors make the condition of the illness worse, while the amelioration factor makes the condition of the disease better.

It can be time, any part of the day, season, position, or any applications, etc.

Aggravated By-

Phosphorus condition is aggravated by lying on the left side, on the back, slight emotional cause or physical exertion, and mental exertion. It is worsened by external factors such as talking, touch, strong smell, light, cold weather, and open air.

Phosphorus abdominal symptoms are aggravated by eating warm food, and salt and drinking warm drinks, and warm milk. A sudden change of weather and cloud thunderstorms with lightning aggravates conditions. Morning, evening, and twilight zones are bad for phosphorus patients. 

Amelioration By-

Phosphorus patients feel better after eating, drinking cold drinks or milk, washing their face with cold water, and after sleep.

Phosphorus conditions are ameliorated after rest, lying on the right side, and going out in cold open air. Open-air relieves headache, hemicranias, and stuffed feeling in the nose. 

Relationship with Other Medicine

Complementary Medicines-

Complementary medicines are those remedies that can be prescribed along with Phosphorus. Those remedies are supportive of each other. 

Allium cepa, Arsenic alba, Carbo-veg, Ipecac, Tubercuinum, Lycopodium, Sanguinaria, and Sepia are complementary to Phosphorus.

Antidoted by-

Sometimes because of extra repetition or large doses of medicine, patients can feel exaggeration of symptoms or some new symptoms appear, that time antidote medicines are useful. 

Coffea, Nux vomica and Tell are antidotes to Phosphorus.

It antidotes-

Phosphorus also nullifies unwanted symptoms of other medicines. It antidotes Camphora, Iodum, Petroleum, Rhus-v, Ter, and excessive use of salt. 

Follows well-

Sometimes symptoms required Phosphorus to follow first remedies for complete cure. Phosphorus is useful after some medicines to complete their actions.

It follows these medicines: Calcarea carb, Chin, Kali carb, Lycopodium, Nux vomica, Picric-acid, Rhus tox, Silicea, and Sulphur

Followed well by-

Medicines such as Arsenic alb, Carbo-veg, Rhus-tox, and Sulphur complete the action of Phosphorus.

Phosphorus Dosage & Potencies

 Phosphorus is available in 30, 200, and 1M potencies. The potency of the remedy is equal to the strength of the medicine. Dosage means how many times you want to repeat the remedy. 

Potency and dose of remedy depend on age, sensitivity, and symptoms of the patient. 

Phosphorus 30 Uses-

Phosphorus 30 is useful in acute cases like coryza with sneezing, headache, sore throat with hoarseness of voice which appears because of weather change, drinking or eating warm drink or food. 

Phosphorus 30 dosage: Repeat the dose 3 times per day for 3-4 days. If symptoms are severe then repeat it 2-3 hourly. 

Phosphorus 200 Uses-

Phosphorus 200 is medium potency which is useful for severe, sudden pain, diarrhea, headache, and sciatica. 

Phosphorus dosage: Do not repeat it frequently. Mostly repeat doses once per day for 3-4 days.

It is useful as constitutional medicine for a patient who shows physical and mental symptoms similar to the Phosphorus remedy. In such a case you can give Phosphorus 200 once a week for 1 month. 

This potency is useful for middle-aged people and old people. 

Phosphorus 1M Uses-

Phosphorus 1M is a high-strength medicine. It is useful as constitutional medicine only. When patients show exact symptom similarity to Phosphorus then only prescribe this. 

For this good history taking and proper analyses of cases are important things. 

Dosage of Phosphorus 1M: Only once in 3-4 months is sufficient. Never repeat it frequently.

Phosphorus 3X/6X Uses-

Phosphorus 3X/ 6X are lower potencies. This potency is more useful for bone diseases like ulcers, and osteopenia. 

Phosphorus Side Effects

Most homeopathy remedies have no specific side effects because medicines are prepared through potentization and dilution. Homeopathy medicines are prepared in such a way that their natural properties are reduced and converted to medicinal properties. 

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