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dr pranjali srivastava

Dr. Pranjali Srivastava is the Co-founder & Director of Plank Homeopathy. Dr. Pranjali is a renowned and well-experienced homeopathy doctor in Bangalore, India, and a famous social media influencer. 

She has millions of followers on various social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter. 

She had been academically excellent in her medical graduation and the topper of the university. She is very passionate about her profession and she strives hard to solve the cases and treat her patient. 

Dr. Pranjali gives sufficient time to each patient and listens carefully in order to understand the complete problem and that is the key to her successful treatment. 

She adapts the modern homeopathy approach with potent medicines for the best and immediate result with no side effects.

Dr. Pranjali is also likes singing, dancing, painting, gardening, cooking, and exploring new places. She is a pet lover and likes dogs very much. In singing, dancing, and painting also she has got several awards.

According to her  An appreciation given by a successfully treated patient gives an immense pleasure, and as a doctor that is my biggest achievement


Dr. Pranjali has a double graduate degree, both in science & medicine.

She graduated in a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) and a medical graduate with a Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS).

Dr. Pranjali has got the BHMS degree from LBS Homeopathic Medical College, Bhopal.

To get an edge off in her profession she has also completed a diploma in nutrition and health education.


Dr. Pranjali is a registered homeopathy doctor under the Karnataka Board Of Homeopathic System Of Medicine. Dr. Pranjali established her first clinic in Bangalore.

As of now she has more than 10 years of experience and consulted more than 25000 patients across 30 countries of the world. She has a very high success rate of treatment in a diversified class of problems. 

Before starting her clinic she had worked in the corporate company named “Navya Network” which had an association with Tata Memorial Centre Mumbai. 

She has also worked with Dr. GV Chalapathi Memorial Homeopathic Self Reliance Forum (DRDO Bangalore). 

She is also the vice president of an NGO named “Vision Lakshya Social and Health Welfare Society” under which she has organized various camps for rural and underprivileged persons.

She has treated patients from various diseases out of which there are some like-

Female Problems: Painful & Irregular Periods, Leucorrhoea, PCOD, etc.

Children Problems: common cough & cold, fever, bed wetting, Teething problems, etc.

Hormonal Problems: Thyroid, BP, Diabetes, etc.

Gastro Problems: Indigestion, Acidity, Piles, fistula, Diarrhoea, etc.

Respiratory Problems: Flu, Asthma, COPD, etc.

Joints Problems: Arthritis, Back pain, Arthralgia, etc.

Stress Problems: Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression, etc.

Hairs Problems: Hair fall, Dandruff, etc.

Skin Problems: Corn, Acne, Eczema, Dermatitis, Warts, Allergy, etc.

And many more.

Plank Homeopathy Startup Story

Plank homeopathy is a startup Co-founded by Dr. Pranjali Srivastava, a renowned homeopath based in Bangalore.

Dr. Pranjali started her youtube channel in December 2018 in order to spread awareness about homeopathy and provide online consultation to people who are not in a place and position to consult a good homeopath. 

She got a lot of appreciation, love, and support from her audiences who got benefitted directly or indirectly through her videos & consultation.

And within no time she became a famous social media influencer having more than 27 Lacs subscribers on Youtube, 1.5 Lacs followers on Facebook, 10 thousand followers on Instagram & 1 thousand followers on Twitter.

Every day more than 1000 patients across various countries approach Dr. Pranjali for consultation.

Since it is not possible for any single human being to consult those many people, therefore Dr. Pranjali came up with an idea of a startup in the form of  Plank Homeopathy.  

The vision of Plank Homeopathy is to create a network of best homeopaths and provide their knowledge, expertise, and case solving skills to people across the world to restore their health naturally with ease & comfort.

Social Media Channels

Social Media Channels-

You can connect with Dr. Pranjali through various social media channels –

Website-  https://drpranjali.com/

Youtube-  https://www.youtube.com/c/DrPranjaliHomeopathy

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/drpranjalihomeopathy/

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/drpranjalihomeopathy/

Twitter- https://twitter.com/drpranjalihomeo

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