Ferrum Metallicum 30, 200, 1M- Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

Ferrum Metallicum 30, 200, 1M- Uses, Benefits and Side Effects

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Ferrum Metallicum is a homeopathic medicine prepared from iron. The trituration of the pure metal is used and of the carbonate, solution of the acetate.

Ferrum Metallicum is best adapted to the anemic, weakly, and chlorotic young persons.

These people have a pseudo plethora, they blush easily with cold extremities. The patients of Ferrum Metallicum are oversensitive and worse after any active effort.

There is weakness from mere talking or walking although the patient looks strong. There is pallor (paleness) of skin, mucus membranes, and face alternating with flushes.

Sometimes, there is a rush of blood to the face, chest, head, lungs, etc.

Ferrum Metallicum patient has an irregular distribution of blood in their bodies.

The muscles of the patient are flabby and relaxed.

Ferrum Metallicum Constitution/Personality

The patient is having a false plethora. Externally he looks strong and full but he is weak internally.

The patient of Ferrum Metallicum is anemic ( having less hemoglobin in blood than required).

He looks pale and chlorotic. The muscles of the body are loose and flabby.

Ferrum Metallicum patient is oversensitive. Even talking and walking make him feel weak.

Ferrum Metallicum Uses

This article will cover from head to toe all the organs of the body. And wherever symptoms are matched, this medicine can be used-

Mind Complaints

There is irritability on the mental plane. One of the characteristic features of the Ferrum Metallicum patient is that slight noise is unbearable for him.

The patient gets excited from the slightest opposition. There is anxiety with throbbing in the upper part of the abdomen (epigastric region).

The is anxious as after committing a crime. Happiness alternates with sadness every other day.

Head Complaints

The patient experiences vertigo on looking at flowing water. There is a stinging headache.

There is hammering, pulsating and congestive headache. The pain from the head extends to teeth, with cold extremities.

The patient experiences pain in the back of the head with roaring in the neck.

The scalp is painful. Headache makes the patient must take down the hair.

There is confusion and heaviness in the head. The patient experiences dizziness and faints which makes him fall on the forward side.

Vertigo comes on moving and stooping as if a ride-in vehicle.

There is dizziness and turning vertigo on looking at running water. Vertigo is associated with sickness in the stomach on walking.

The head feels like it is constantly inclined on the right side during vertigo.

The patient complains of pressive pain in the head, especially in the fresh air.

There is a painful confusion in the head, above the root of the nose, especially in the morning.

The patient feels as if there is a pull from the nape of the neck to the head, with shooting and buzzing.

There is periodical pain with hammering and a pulsative headache.

The headache makes the patient wants to lie down, every two or three weeks.

Congestion in the head occurs with enlarged veins and sensitiveness of the head to touch.

The symptoms get worse after midnight and towards morning. The headache returns periodically.

The patient feels pain in the head while coughing. There is profusely falling out of the head, especially when touched.

Eyes Complaints

The eyes are dull red and watery. The patient of Ferrum Metallicum has photophobia i.e., extremely sensitive to light.

The patient sees letters run together. The eyes become red after burning pain.

Ferrum Metallicum is a useful remedy for swelling and redness of the eyes with a sty.

Ears Complaints

There is ringing in the ears before menses. The patient hears buzzing in the ears.

Ferrum Metallicum is a helpful remedy for ear complaints in walk, chlorotic and anemic young people.

Nose Complaints

The mucus membrane of the nose is relaxed, boggy, anemic, and pale.

There is bleeding from one nostril, especially in the evening.

Ferrum Metallicum patient has a constant accumulation of blood clots in the nose.

Mouth Complaints

There is a pain in the teeth which is relieved by icy cold water.

The patient has a taste of earthy, pasty taste like rotten eggs in the mouth.

Face Complaints

The face becomes fiery-red and flushed from the least pain, emotion, and exertion.

Red parts become white. The face looks bloodless and puffy.

Throat Complaints

There is a pressive pain in the throat on swallowing. Sometimes, there is spitting of blood from the throat.

The Ferrum Metallicum patient has a constrictive feeling in the throat.

There is a feeling as if something is rolled up in the throat and closed like a valve.

Chest Complaints

The chest feels oppressed with difficult breathing. The patient feels a surging of the blood to the chest.

The patient experiences a dry and spasmodic cough. Ferrum Metallicum is a useful remedy for bleeding due to cough or bloodstained sputum.

Heart Complaints

There is an increased heartbeat i.e., palpitations which become worse due to any movement.

The patient experiences a sense of oppression in the chest due to heart troubles.

The pulse is full but soft and yielding and small and weak. The heart suddenly bleeds into the blood vessels drawing reflux and leaving the surface pale.

Ferrum Metallicum is a useful remedy for anemic murmur.

Stomach Complaints

Ferrum Metallicum patient has either a voracious appetite or no appetite at all.

He has a loathing of sour things. Attempts to eat by the patient bring on diarrhea.

The patient spits up food by mouthfuls. There are eructations of food after eating, without nausea.

There is nausea and vomiting after eating. Ferrum Met is good medicine for vomiting immediately after taking food.

The patient has an intolerance for eggs. The patient feels distension and vomiting in the stomach after eating.

There is heat and burning in the stomach. The patient feels soreness in the abdominal wall with flatulent indigestion.

There is nausea with an inclination to vomit during meals. The vomiting is sour with acrid rising. Everything that is vomited tastes sour and is acrid.

There is pressive pain in the abdomen on every occasion of eating and drinking.

Abdomen Complaints

There is fullness and hardness in the abdomen. The liver is enlarged and sensitive.

The spleen becomes large and sore. The patient feels pain in the left upper part of the abdomen.

There are cramp-like pains in the abdomen. The abdomen feels as if contracted.

Physical exertion worsens the symptoms. The is much gas and pain in the abdomen causing pain at night.

The patient feels painful weight in the upper mid part of the abdomen on walking.

The bowels feel sore and as if bruised especially on touching the abdomen or coughing.

Rectum Complaints

The stool passes undigested, and painless at night while eating or drinking.

The patient has ineffectual urging with hard stool. This is followed by backache and cramping pain in the rectum.

Ferrum Metallicum is a good remedy for prolapse of the rectum.

There is itching of the rectum, especially in young children.

Urinary Complaints

Ferrum Metallicum is useful for involuntary urination, especially in the daytime.

The patient complains of a tickling sensation in the abdomen extending to the bladder.

Male Complaints

Ferrum Metallicum patient has an increased sexual desire with frequent erections and pollution.

It is a helpful remedy for nightly emissions and impotency. There is a flow of mucus from the urethra.

Female Symptoms

The menses remit a day or two then and return. There is the discharge of long pieces from the uterus.

Ferrum Metallicum is helpful for women who are weak, delicate, and chlorotic and yet have a fiery red face.

The menses occur too early and are too profuse, and are too long-lasting.

The discharges are pale and watery. The vagina is sensitive.

There is a tendency to abortion. Ferrum Metallicum is a good remedy for the prolapse of the vagina.

Hand Symptoms

There is rheumatism of the shoulder with dropsy after the loss of vital fluid.

There are shooting and tearing pains in the joints of the shoulder and arms.

The patient complains of paralytic weakness and heaviness in the upper limbs.

There is cracking in the shoulder joints. The patient feels nightly tingling and stinging in the arms.

The patient experiences uneasiness in the arms. There is swelling and desquamation of the skin of the hands.

Ferrum Metallicum is useful for cramps and numbness in the fingers.

Legs Symptoms

There is tearing with violent lancinating in the legs. The symptoms get worse in the evening in bed.

The patient feels paralytic weakness and numbness in the thighs.

The patient feels weakness in the limbs with uneasiness in the feet.

It is good medicine for varices of the legs. There is stiffness, traction, and heaviness in the limbs.

It is a helpful medicine for joints of the knee and joints of the feet.

The patient complains of the swelling of the feet with drawing pain, especially on beginning to walk.

Cramps in the calves, feet, and toes can be treated by Ferrum Metallicum. The toes are contracted.

There is pain in the hip joints and bones of the legs.

Back Symptoms

There is a pain in the back with stiffness which gets better by walking.

Skin Symptoms

The skin of the Ferrum Metallicum patient is pale. The skin flushes readily.

The skin pits on pressure. The patient feels a burning sensation in different parts of the skin.

The skin feels painful on touch with excoriation. The patient has dirty, earth-colored skin.

Fever Symptoms

There is a general coldness of the extremities with a hot head and face.

There are chills at 4 am. The patient experienced heat in the palms and soles of the feet.

There is profuse, debilitating sweat. The patient has frequent shivering of short durations.

There are shiverings in the evening with a feeling of cold when in bed.

The patient feels shivering with violent thirst pressure and pain in the head.

The chill stage occurs with thirst and a red, hot face. Then there is dry heat with an inclination to throw off all the coverings.

The pulse is full and hard. There is a fever with congestion in the head and puffy round eyes.

Fever is accompanied by swellings of the veins, vomiting of food, short respiration, and paralytic weakness.

Copious perspiration is excited by the least movement in sleep.

The patient is having nightly perspirations of a strong smell. There is cold perspiration with anxiety during the spasm.

The sweat is cold and clammy. Profuse, long-continued perspiration occurs during the day when moving, and at the night and in the morning hours in bed.

Ferrum Metallicum Modalities

Modalities are the factors that, increase or decrease the complaints in a patient.

They are categorized as aggravating factors and amelioration factors.

Aggravating factors make the condition of the illness worst, while the amelioration factor makes the condition of the disease better.

It can be time, any part of the day, season, position, or any applications, etc.

Aggravated By-

The symptoms of a Ferrum Metallicum patient get worse by sweat while sitting still, after cold washing, and overheating.

There is a characteristic midnight aggravation of the symptoms.

Amelioration By-

The symptoms of a Ferrrum Metallicum patient are better by walking slowly and after rising.

 Relationship with Other Medicine

Complementary Medicines-

China, Alumina, Hamamelis

Antidoted by-

Arsenic, Hepar Sulph, Ipecacuanha, Pulsatilla

It antidotes-

Arsenic, China, Iodum, Mercurius, Hydrocotyle, Hepar Sulph

Ferrum Metallicum Uses, Dosage & Potencies

Ferrum Metallicum 30 Uses-

Ferrum Metallicum in 30 potencies is considered a low potency.

It can be used for mild symptoms. Ferrum Metallicum 30 can be given to small children and young adults.

It can be given for skin complaints, eyes complaints, ear complaints, and nose-related complaints.

The ideal dose of Ferrum Metallicum 30 should be 4 pills or drops thrice daily till improvement occurs.

Ferrum Metallicum 200 Uses-

Ferrum Metallicum in 200 potencies is considered a moderate potency.

It can be used for mild to moderate symptoms. Ferrum Metallicum 200 can be given to adults and older age groups people.

It can be given for hands-related complaints, legs-related complaints, and stomach and abdomen-related complaints.

The ideal dose of Ferrum Metallicum 200 is 4 pills or drops twice daily till improvement occurs.

Ferrum Metallicum 1M Uses-

Ferrum Metallicum in 1M potencies is considered a high potency.

It can be given to moderate to severe symptoms. Ferrum Metallicum 1M should be used only when physical and mental symptoms both match.

It can be given to adults and older age groups people.

Ferrum Metallicum 1M can be given for fever-related complaints, weakness, mind-related complaints, stomach-related complaints, abdomen related complaints.

The ideal dose of Ferrum Metallicum 1M should be 4 pills or drops once every 15 days.

Ferrum Metallicum Q (Mother Tincture) Uses-

Ferrum Metallicum in Q (Mother Tincture) potencies is not very frequent in use.

It can be used in mixture with other medicines for the treatment of weakness, fatigue, fever-related complaints, etc.

It is used when physiological change is desirable. It can be given to adults and older age groups people.

The ideal dose of Ferrum Metallicum Q (Mother Tincture) is 10-10 drops in half a cup of water twice daily for 15-20 days.

Ferrum Metallicum 3X/6X Uses-

Ferrum Metallicum in 3X or 6X potencies is very popular in use. It is used as a tonic and booster for weak, anemic, and chlorotic patients.

Ferrum Metallicum in 3X or 6X potencies can be given to small children, young adults, adults, and older age groups people.

It can be given for fever-related complaints, weakness, anemia, skin complaints, mental complaints, etc.

The ideal dose of Ferrum Metallicum in 3X or 6X potencies is 4 tablets thrice daily for 3 to 4 months.

Ferrum Metallicum Side Effects

Homeopathically prepared Ferrum Metallicum medicine has no known side effects.

Homeopathic medicines are prepared in such a way that the crude drug substance is almost diluted with some part of water and alcohol through a carefully calculated scale and method.

This way of preparation of medicines in homeopathy is known as the process of potentisation which includes trituration and succussion.

Thus, the material substance is reduced to a large scale by this method and the dynamic power of the drug is increased proportionately.

Therefore, when homeopathic medicines are carefully used then there are no side effects.

Although, overdosing and using unnecessarily high doses may make the existing symptoms aggravate with the addition of some new symptoms related to the medicine.

However, these symptoms will automatically resolve when the medicine is stopped or antidoted.

Sometimes, by a process of homeopathic aggravation, the existing symptoms of the patient are slightly intensified but with a better feeling on a mental plane.

This occurs to eliminate the disease from the root cause. This is the method of homeopathy by which it cures and annihilates the disease and the patient.

Using homeopathic medicine in the minimum dose and careful selection of potency is necessary.

Overdosing and taking too high potencies of Ferrum Metallicum frequently may cause symptoms like weakness, skin eruptions, and cramps in the abdomen.

These symptoms will be resolved by stopping or antidoting the medicine.

Plank Homeopathy Disease Kits

A specialized homeopathy kit prepared for each disease based on years of clinical experience.

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