Damiana 30, 200, 1M, Q – Best Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

Damiana 30, 200, 1M, Q - Best Uses, Benefits and Side Effects

Damiana is a shrub belonging to the family Passifloraceae, local to Mexico. Local name of Damiana is Turnera Aphrodisiaca. Native American hunters discovered this herb after a wearisome journey.

Native American people from the USA used this herb to boost energy and for reproduction system problems.

Damiana medicine is prepared from the tincture of fresh plants. The leaf and stem of the plant are useful to prepare medicine. It is herbal medicine, used in naturopathy treatment. 

Damiana is a medicine from the old school. It is introduced to Homeopathy by Dr. Hale.

Damiana Personality/Constitution

Damiana is useful to increase sexual desire, boost energy, and for depression.

Dr. Hale proved its efficacy for sexual debility and urinary symptoms. Dr. Douglas used Damiana successfully to treat migraine and urinary incontinence.

Damiana is useful for weakness, fatigue, male sexual debility, amenorrhea, impotence, and urinary incontinence. 

Damiana Uses

This article will cover from head to toe all the organs of the body. And wherever symptoms are matched, this medicine can be used-

Mind Complaints 

The damiana is suited for depression and neurasthenia. The active component of Damiana is Thymol, which is responsible to enhance and enhance the body and mind.

Damiana is suited for anxiety, mild depression, and nervous exhaustion. It is indicated for persistent stress and nervous debility.

Head Complaints 

Damiana is useful for headaches and migraine. A patient complains of headaches and sleeplessness.

Damiana induces sleep and relieves headaches. It is suitable for migraine, characterized by weakness, fatigue, and sleeplessness. 

It is useful to form women who complain of headaches during menstruation.

Eyes Complaints

Damiana helps to relieve stress. Thus, it is beneficial for eyestrain after sleeplessness and anxiety.

It is useful for the weakness of the eyes associated with nervous exhaustion and sexual problems. 

Ears Complaints

Damiana helps with ear pain associated with nervous exhaustion. 

Eyes Complaints

Damiana along with other herbs indicated for sinusitis. Damiana as herbal medicine is indicated for nasal and sinus congestion. A patient complains of facial bone pain. 

Mouth Complaints

Damiana is helpful for neuralgic pain in teeth associated with nervous exhaustion and prostration.

Eyes Complaints

Damiana is indicated in facial muscle pain along with sinusitis and congestion. It helps to relax blood vessels and increase blood flow towards the face and head. 

Damiana herbal tea relieves headaches and facial pain. 

Eyes Complaints

Damiana is indicated for throat pain with cough and congestion. 

Damiana herbal is useful to relax the muscle of the throat and neck region. 

Chest Complaints


Heart Complaints

Damiana helps to relax blood vessels and increase blood flow to the whole body. Damiana herbal tea is indicated to relax tension and anxiety. It may be helpful to control blood pressure.

Stomach Complaints

Damiana is useful for irritable bowel syndrome after persistent stress and anxiety. It helps the digestive system to enhance the absorption of nutrients and breakdown of sugar and fats. 

This natural herb is indicated for dyspepsia and improves digestion. 

Abdomen Complaints

Damiana is indicated for the weakness of the abdomen. Abdominal complaints related to nervous weakness and stress. 

Damiana is a good remedy for diabetes mellitus. It helps to reduce blood sugar. It is essential to monitor your blood sugar levels when you take damiana along with diabetic medications.

Rectum Complaints

Damiana is useful for constipation. The reason behind constipation is a weakness of the rectal muscle and slow peristalsis movement of the intestine. 

It has great laxative properties. Therefore, damiana is useful for constipation. 

Urinary Complaints

Damiana is indicated in urinary incontinence. A patient complains of the weakness of the urine stream and dribbling of urination. 

Damiana acts on genitourinary organs that include pelvic organs, kidneys, bladder, ureter, and urethra. 

Damiana has special benefits for old people to cure urine incontinence. 

Damiana is useful for children to avoid bedwetting. If a child passes urine at night unknowingly to him, then Damiana will help you to cure it. 

Male Complaints

Damiana is useful for sexual weakness. It is indicated for erectile dysfunction. A patient complains of achieving and maintaining an erection. 

This is best to relieve the stress and anxiety of a patient related to sexual performance. The patient feels nervous about his inadequate sexual performance. 

Damiana helps men to achieve an erection and maintain it for a longer duration because studies show that damiana herbal medicine slows down the oxygen rush towards the digestive organ and increase the flow of oxygen towards genital organs.

One study about damiana shows that it helps men to enjoy sexual pleasure.

Damiana is useful in impotence, affection of the prostate, and spermatorrhea. Damiana helps to improve the quality and quantity of sperms.

It is also indicated in old persistent prostatic discharge.  As Damiana is suitable for low sexual energy, it is indicated for side effects of sexual excess also. 

Female Complaints

Damiana is indicated for young women in the menopausal stage also. A patient complains of pain during and before menstruation. 

It is useful for white discharge i.e., leucorrhea with weakness. It is helpful for the absence of menses in young girls. It helps to establish normal menstrual flow in young girls. 

Damiana has significant help for menopausal women. It arouses sexual interest in frigid women. Damiana is the best remedy for sexual debility and sterility. 

Hand Complaints

Damiana is indicated for weakness of upper extremities with fatigue sensation. 

Legs Complaints

Damiana is useful for the weakness of the lower extremities with exhaustion. It is indicated to induce energy.

As damiana has certain chemical components, it acts on blood vessels and the nervous system. It increases blood flow towards the lower extremities. It is useful for leg pain and weakness.

Back Complaints

Damiana helps with the side effects of spinal injury. It is indicated in people who had a spinal injury in past but still suffer from back pain, leg pain, and weakness. 

Skin Complaints

Damiana is a good remedy for acne, dry skin, and psoriasis. Damiana oil is useful for external application on skin for itching or dryness. 

Damiana works to dilate blood vessels and increase blood circulation throughout the body. It has oil components. Therefore, the use of Damiana oil helps to maintain good health of skin, hair, and nail. 

Fever Complaints

Damiana has powerful phytochemicals. It has pain-relieving properties. Thus, it is useful for fever. 

Fever is associated with cough, weakness, fatigue, and sleeplessness.

Damiana Modalities

Modalities are the factors that increase or decrease the complaints in a patient.

They are categorized as aggravating factors and amelioration factors.

Aggravating factors make the condition of the illness worse, while the amelioration factor makes the condition of the disease better.

It can be time, any part of the day, season, position, or any applications, etc.

Aggravated By

Damiana’s symptoms are aggravated by physical exertion and mental exhaustion. Damiana’s symptoms aggravated during and before menstruation. 

Headache aggravated with exertion, during menses. 

Amenorrhea, and irregular menses are aggravated in young girls. 

Incontinence of urine aggravated in old people.

Ameliorated By

Damiana herbal tea relieves headaches. Headache ameliorated after sleep. 

The patient feels relaxed after drinking damiana’s mother’s tincture. 

Dysmenorrhea relieves after drinking Damiana.

Anxiety and tension were ameliorated with the use of damiana. 

Relationship with Other Medicine

Complementary Medicines

Complementary remedies and actions complement each other. Sometimes you required two medicines for a total cure. There are some medicines prescribed with Damiana to complete the action of the medicine. 

Damiana in herbal form mixed with Liquorice in equal parts. Then use one tablespoon of mixture for 1 cup of boiling water. 

Ashwagandha is also a complementary medicinal herb for Damiana. 

Arnica and Bellis per are complimentary to Damiana in homeopathy for spinal injuries. 

Antidoted By

Some remedies or herbal teas are available which nullify the side effects of Damiana. 

If someone takes damiana in large quantity or in frequent repetition, then patients may feel some side effects like convulsion, sleepy, and stupor stage. 

The use of strong coffee may be helpful to antidote Damiana overdose if a patient takes homeopathy Damiana medicine. 

It Antidotes

Damiana antidoted other medicine’s side effects. Damiana antidotes side effects of excessive sexual activity. Damiana is useful to antidote neurasthenia symptoms, anxiety, and stress. 

Damiana is useful to nullify the side effects of Overdose of Nux vomica and Phosphorus. 

Follows well by

Damiana follows well other medicine as a complementary remedy to complete cure. Damiana is useful after Bellis per, Arnica in over exertion, fatigue, and injuries.

Damiana is useful after Sabal and Solid in prostatic affection. 

In migraine cases, it follows well to the Epipheg medicines.

Followed Well By

Remedies that help Damiana to complete their cure are presented under followed well by. As Damiana follows Arnica, Bellis per, Sabal, Solid, and Epipheg; similarly, these medicines follow well to Damiana. 

It is followed well by Arnica, Bellis per, Sabal, Solid, and Epipheg. 

Damiana Uses Dosage and Potency

Dosage means how many times you can repeat medicine per day for how many days. Potency is a strength of remedy. It is available in mother tincture, with lower potency, and higher potency. 

Damiana is more effective in lower potencies like three times, 6x, 12x and mother tincture. 

As damiana is old school remedy, it has curative power in its natural form also. Thus, Damiana powder, Juice of Damiana leaves, Herbal products of Damiana, and Damiana tea are also available.

Damiana powder 1-3 gm two times per day. Damiana powder is useful for restoring menses, dysmenorrhea, and leucorrhea.

It helps to prevent constipation, stomach problems related to anxiety and stress, urinary problems in old people, and relax your body and mind. 

Damiana fluid extract 1-2 ml two times per day. The fluid extract is useful for physical prostration and neurasthenia. It helps to maintain physical and mental stamina. 

Damiana cut herb: infused one tablespoon of cut herb with one cup of boiling water for 15 minutes. Drink this water. Damiana tea or infused water is useful for headaches and insomnia. 

You can prepare damiana tea with help of damiana leaves and cut herb. You can drink tea three times a day. It helps to arouse sexual desire in men and women. Tea helps to improve sexual problems.

Before taking Damiana herbs, tea, powder, or extract fluid, consult with a Naturopathic expert or herbal doctor. Because the dose and repetition of Damiana depend on the age, gender, and medical conditions of patients. 

Damiana 30 Uses

Damiana is very rarely used in 30 potencies. It is useful for physical exhaustion and weakness. 4 globules 3 times per day for 1 week.

Damiana 200 Uses

Damiana has curative power in its lower potencies. Damiana 200 is useful for constipation and decreases inflammation of the mucus membrane. Damiana 200 is indicated for both males and females to increase sexual desire, libido, and overall energy level. 

Take 4 -5 drops of Damiana 200 solution, and mix with 1/4cup of water. Three times per day for 10-15 days.

Damiana 1M Uses

Damiana 1M is useful to relieve anxiety and stress, especially regarding intercourse. It helps to restore menses in young girls. 

Damiana 1M restore libido and sexual desire in both male and female. This is indicated in migraine cases and for depression.

Take 5 drops of dilution mix with ½ cup of water, once per day every week for 1 month. 

Damiana 3X/6X Uses

Damiana 3x and 6x are useful for urine incontinence and migraine cases. One or two doses of Damiana 3x solutions within 1 hour, induces sleep and relieve headache. 

Dr. Douglas proves the efficacy of Damiana 2X trituration in three urinary incontinence cases. 

Give five drops of Damiana 2x, mix with ½ cup water, 4 times per day for 4 months. 

Damiana’s mother’s tincture Uses

Damiana’s mother tincture is prepared from leaves, and bark extract of the plant. Therefore, sometimes use of a fluid extract of Damiana is useful to treat patients.

It indicates prostration, low energy level, and increased sexual desire. Damiana’s mother’s tincture is helpful to reduce dysmenorrhea and reduce headaches and urine incontinence. 

Take 10-20 drops of mother tincture or fluid extract, and mix with 1 glass of water, 2 times per day for 1-2 months. 

Damiana Side Effects

Every homeopathy remedy is prepared with a potentization and dilution process. Damiana is prepared from the leaves and barks of the plant. 

During the process of potentization, medicinal properties keep intact, but it reduces the harmful effects of damiana. If you use homeopathic dilutions of Damiana, you will not suffer from side effects. On the contrary, if you eat a large amount of Damiana powder (like 200gm per day), it may be fatal or produce convulsions. You may require hospitalization. 

It is better to avoid Damiana’s medicine during and after pregnancy. Damiana reduces blood sugar levels so diabetic patients must consult with an herbal doctor before taking it. Persons with liver disorders should avoid taking Damiana. 

While taking Damiana regularly, if you feel hallucinating or observe some other unusual behavior, stop taking the medicine and consult with your doctor. 

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