Camphora 30, 200, 1M- Best Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

Camphora 30, 200, 1M- Best Uses, Benefits and Side Effects

It is Cinnamomum Camphora or Laurus Camphora. It belongs to the Lauraceae family, the plant kingdom.

It is prepared from the tincture of gum from a tree. Camphora is one of the main medicines from the trio of cholera (Camphora, Cuprum, and Hellebore) which is introduced by Dr. Hahnemann.

Camphora Personality/Constitution

Camphora shows a picture of a total collapse state or a shock condition: Slow, mild pulse, icy coldness of external body, profound weakness, and low blood pressure.

Camphora proves its efficacy in Cholera and the first stage of nasal congestion with chills and sneezing. Camphora patient does not want cover though he has an icy cold external body temperature.

It is a useful remedy for the bad effects of poisonous insects, tobacco, mushroom, and the bad effects of shock from injury.

Its sphere of action is the digestive system, suppressed eruptions, spoiled cases with bad treatment, cerebrospinal nerves, urinary organs, and nose.

Camphora Uses

This article will cover from head to toe all the organs of the body. And wherever symptoms are matched, this medicine can be used-

Mind Complaints 

The camphora is suited for an anxious and discouraged person. The characteristics state of camphora mind are confusion, dullness of senses, loss of consciousness, and memory.

It is a wonderful remedy for fear of mirrors in the room, fear to go to sleep alone in the darkness, and fear of his own thoughts.

The camphora person is loquacious, hurry in talk and in movements, and quarrelsome. They are afraid to stay alone at night. They feel sadness at night and in darkness.

Great restlessness and anxiety are characteristic of Camphora mind.

Camphora indicated for insomnia from nervous irritability with the coldness of limbs. It is used for comatose sleep. Sleepiness is associated with restlessness, stupefaction, and irrational talking during sleep.

Head Complaints 

Camphora is suited for dizziness, giddiness, heaviness of the head, and vanishing of senses like intoxication.

It is suited for dull headaches with nausea as well as for constrictive headaches at the back of the head and root of the nose regions. Headache is aggravated by lying down, by touch, and stooping while it disappears when thinking about it.

Camphora suits for pulsative headache at night associated with shooting pain in the forehead and heat of the body.

Camphora is suitable for catarrhal headaches: Headaches associated with influenza, coryza, and sneezing.

Caphora patient complains of vertigo with the heaviness of head and tends to unconsciousness. It is a great remedy for inflammation of the brain, especially after exposure to extreme sun heat.

Eyes Complaints

Camphora has good results for inflammation of eyes: Eyes are sunken, turned upward, contraction of the pupils, with red spots on the eyelid and trembling of eyelids.

It is suitable for photophobia: everything appears too bright and for vision troubles like the vision of bright color alternates with blindness.

Ears Complaints

Camphora is useful for an abscess of the ear with redness and impressive shooting pain in the ears. Earlobes are reddish and hot.

It has a special affinity for the left ear which has dark red small swelling.

Camphora patient hears some buzzing, singing, and ringing in the ear. The ear has yellow blisters with erysipelas around the face.

Nose Complaints

Camphora is an excellent remedy for the first stage of coryza: Nose feels stopped, chilliness, inhaled air, and the air in the room feels cold. This stage has various symptoms like coryza with coldness without discharge and headache.

It is suitable for coryza in old people as well as for fluent coryza alternates with stoppage with sneezing on a sudden change of weather.

Camphora is useful for epistaxis with sensitive skin. They feel the sensation of violent stitching, crawling inside nostrils from root to the tip.

Mouth Complaints

Camphora is suitable for toothache associated with the submaxillary gland’s infection. It has acute sudden pain at the roots of incisors.

Gnawing, boring pain in tooth mostly hallow of teeth that aggravates by a soft little touch of bread, drinking coffee or keeping water in mouth. Pain relieved with drinking cold water, beer, and after coition.

Mouth complaints have characteristic coldness: bluish, cold tongue, cold sweat, cold face, and cold breathing. Camphora patients feel so cold that boiling tea seems cold to them.

Speech is broken, and feeble. It is a good remedy for acute taste associated with burning in the mouth and throat that radiates towards the stomach region.

A patient has characteristic fetid breath in the morning, foam at the mouth, and accumulation of slimy mucus saliva in the mouth.

Face Complaints

Camphora face is Hippocratic face. (Appearance of the face is like a near-death face). The face has a distorted, anxious look. The face is cold, bluish, and pale alternating with redness.

It is suitable for the clenching of the jaw, upper lip retracted with a distorted convulsive feature of the face. It is useful for the tetanic spasm of masseter muscles.

Throat Complaints

Camphora is a good remedy for burning the throat that radiates towards the esophagus, and stomach as well as for a rattling sensation in the throat.

It is suitable for soreness of the throat on swallowing which is felt during sleep.

Camphora patient has dry, burning, excoriated sensation at the palate and in the throat. This is associated with excessive thirst.

A patient has a dislike for tobacco smoke. Meat and tobacco smoke produce a bitter taste in his mouth.

Chest Complaints

Camphora is best for the emphysema of the lungs, pleuro-pneumonia, and asphyxia neonatorum (in infants).

It is a great remedy for suffocative, constrictive, and oppressive feelings of the chest because of lots of mucus accumulation in respiratory organs. This condition leads to cramps and shooting pain in the chest.

Cough is associated with dry, husky, and low voice with constriction of the larynx. The patient feels cold, cutting feeling in windpipe with a slight cough also.

This is useful in asthma conditions: Fatigued, dry cough; dry feeling in throat pit; quiet, deep, slow, anxious breathing feels like it is arrested or oppressed; cold breathing alternates with hot breathing.

Camphora asthma is aggravated with body exertion and every inspiration.

It is a great remedy for violent cough with suffocative dyspnea. Causative factors of violent cough are measles, suppressed eruption, congestion of the chest, lungs, and suppressed menses.

Heart Complaints

Camphora is indicated in palpitation of the heart, spasmodic stitches in the region of the heart with anxiety feeling. Palpitation symptoms aggravated after a meal.

A patient has precordial anxiety: pulse is very slow, weak, frequent, not perceptible, a sensation of severe coldness, trembling of the heart, and great sleepiness.

Stomach Complaints

Camphora has characteristic coldness followed by burning pain in the stomach with a lack of thirst. Sometimes patent has great thirst but later has thirstlessness.

It is indicated in vomiting of blood, and bile followed by vertigo attack and cold sweat on the face. Nausea is relieved by eructation. A person suffers from continued eructation and belching after dinner.

It is useful in heartburn cases associated with bruised pain and pressure in the epigastric region.

Abdomen Complaints

Camphora is useful for coldness in the upper and lower abdomen followed by burning heat all over the abdomen.

It has characteristic constrictive and aching pain on the right side of the abdomen in the liver region just below the right short ribs. Pain from the short ribs radiates toward the lumbar region.

It is indicated in colicky cramp pain of the abdomen, which aggravates at night.

Rectum Complaints

Camphora is indicated in Asiatic cholera associated with cramps in calves, coldness of the body, burning pain from esophagus to stomach with anxiety.

This remedy is most useful in sudden violent diarrhea attacks with great prostration. The patient suffers from blackish involuntary diarrhea.

Camphora also produces great results in constipation cases: Constrictive feeling in the rectum with swelling, difficult evacuation because of inactivity of the intestine, and pain in the rectum during emission of gases.

It is suitable for cholera infantum cases: Child complains of sudden vomiting, diarrhea, and pain with the coldness of the body. The child passes coffee ground, dark brown-like stools.

Urinary Complaints

Camphora is useful in burning urination, dysuria, diminished urination, and hematuria. Most beneficial in cholera patient suffers from retention of urine with pain in the lower abdomen.

It is helpful for patients who pass urine often scanty, yellowish green. Urine smells bad and contains thick red sediments or depositions.

Male Complaints

Camphora is beneficial for the congenital condition of penis development i.e. chordee. It is a great remedy for night emission, prolonged penis erection during dreams, and increased sexual desire.

It is a great remedy for the bad effects of sudden suppression of gonorrheal discharge, urine retention, and pain.

Camphora is helpful for pressure and contraction feeling at the testes and on the left side of the penis regions. This condition is aggravated by the standing position.

Female Symptoms

Camphora is the best remedy for the climacteric stage of a woman. She complains of hot flushes and coldness of the abdomen and limbs.

She experiences hot waves and profuse sweats in a warm room. She feels chilly when uncovered but covering makes her sweat. She does not want to cover her limbs.

This is the remedy for puerperal mania and suppression of discharges with dryness of surfaces. It is indicated for profuse menses or amenorrhea.

Hand Symptoms

Camphora is indicated for stiffness of fingers with coldness. A patient has ice-cold hands and therefore does not feel anything he touches.

It is useful for drawing pain in the hands and in between the shoulder blades that aggravate during moving the arms.

It is suitable for stiff and powerless arms. It is a good remedy for painful pressure on the right elbow that radiates towards the hand when leaning on it.

Legs Symptoms

Camphora is suitable for cramps in calves and for rheumatism that returns repeatedly, attacking part after part. All these symptoms are accompanied by coldness.

It is indicated in bruised, drawing pain associated with cracking in the hip, right thigh, knee, and ankle joints.

Camphora is a good remedy for knee pain. Knees are weak and trembling. The pain is present inner side of the knee in the patella region. There are cramps and coldness in the calves region.

It is suitable for foot problems: tearing, drawing, crampy pain at the dorsum of the foot which radiates upward to the calf and the thigh regions. Left foot toes have tearing pain near nailbeds. The pain is aggravated during walking.

Back Symptoms

Camphora is a wonderful remedy for rheumatic pains between the shoulder and the nape. Drawing and stitching are characteristic of pain which radiates from arm to chest.

It is indicated for violent pain in the spinal region. Tearing and pressive pain with coldness present in the sacral, lumbar region. The pain radiates from the sacral region along the vertebrae to the back of the neck region. These symptoms are associated with coldness and tremendous weakness and aggravated while walking.

This is a good remedy for tearing, stitching, and drawing nape pain with stiffness and coldness. Caphora has a special affinity for left side neck pain and shoulder pain.

Skin Symptoms

Camphora is a good remedy for erysipelas and severe itching.

It is indicated for itching all over the body, here and there in the evening after lying down in bed.

It is wonderful to hand itching specifically: Severe itching in the palm, back of the hand, and in between knuckle parts associated with stitching pain and it is relieved by scratching.

The skin of the camphora patient is dry, withered, pale, without a trace of sweat, and icy-cold to touch.

Fever Symptoms

Camphora has characteristic shivering, coldness of body, and profuse sweat. The patient wants covers during chill but it produces profuse sweat so he removed the cover.

It is indicated for sudden inflammatory fever, heat alternates with cold stage, followed by rapid exhaustion. Fever is associated with internal coldness and chattering of teeth.

Camphora Modalities

Modalities are the factors that increase or decrease the complaints in a patient.

They are categorized as aggravating factors and amelioration factors.

Aggravating factors make the condition of the illness worse, while the amelioration factor makes the condition of the disease better.

It can be time, any part of the day, season, position, or any applications, etc.

Aggravated By-

Camphora symptoms are aggravated at night, when alone, drinking cold drinks, alcoholic drinks, coffee, open cold air, when walking, and lying down mostly on the left side.

Camphora symptoms appear after the suppression of discharges and emotions, mental exertion, sleepless night, and shock.

Most pains are aggravated by movements and motion. The toothache is aggravated by a slight touch of food, coffee, cold drink, and air.

Amelioration By-

Camphora patients feel better after free discharges, sweats, and thinking of complaints.

Pains are relieved by thinking about them, in the open air, and by warmth.

Dull headaches are ameliorated while walking in the open air. Scratching relieves itching of the hand.

Relationship with Other Medicine

Complementary Medicines-

Complementary remedies can be prescribed along with Camphora. The action of these remedies compliments each other.

Cantharis is the only medicine that compliments Camphora.

Antidoted by-

Antidote remedies nullify exaggerated symptoms of Camphora. Sometimes because of extra repetition or large doses of Camphora, patients can feel aggravation of symptoms or some new symptoms appear, that time antidote medicines are useful.

Camphora has very interesting antidotal relations.

Camphora is antidoted by Opium, Sp. Nitric acid, Dulcamara, and Phosphorus.

It antidotes-

Camphora antidotes other medicines’ unwanted symptoms. It antidotes Am-c, Cantharis, Carb-veg, Cuprum, Lycopodium, Natrum-Mur, and Squil.

This remedy is useful for the bad effects of worm medicines, tobacco, bitter almonds, and fruits containing prussic acid (apples, cherry).

Camphora indicated in the secondary effects remain after the poisoning with acids, salts, metals, and poisonous mushrooms.

Follows well-

Sometime Camphora is necessary to follow some remedies for a complete cure. Camphora is useful after Cantharis completes its actions.

Followed well by-

Remedies that are compatible with each other, also follow well each other. In the case of Camphora, it is followed well by Cantharis.

Camphora Dosage & Potencies

 Camphora is available in mother tincture, 3X,6X, 12X, 6C, 30, 200, and 1M potencies.

The potency of the remedy means the strength of the medicine. Dosage means how many times you want to repeat the remedy and which strength of remedy you want to prescribe.

Potency and dose of remedy depend on age, sensitivity of a patient, severity of symptoms, and causative factor of disease.

Camphora 30 Uses-

Camphora 30 is useful for epidemic diseases in the early stage.

It is indicated in cases of a characteristic arterial spasm, difficulty in breathing, and internal or external coldness with paleness.

For better results repeat the dose of Camphora 30, frequently.

Camphora 200 Uses-

Camphora 200 Camphora 200 is medium potency, useful for sudden internal pains with coldness.

This potency is useful in the first stage of cholera collapsed condition. The patient feels chills and starting of vomiting or diarrhea.

Camphora 200 is indicated in tetanic spasm condition: clenching of teeth with a drawing of mouth corners.

Camphora 1M Uses-

Camphora 1M is a high-strength medicine. This strength is useful when mind symptoms are prominent along with physical symptoms.

This is helpful in collapse conditions like sunstroke, vertigo with fainting, associated with the coldness of the body alternates with profuse sweating.

Camphora 1M is indicated in memory loss, fear of aloneness, and thoughts of pain-relieving pain. He is afraid of his own thoughts. Especially for women who are in the climacteric stage of life and have anxiety, and depression problems.

Camphora 3X/6X Uses-

Camphora in lower potency is very useful for sleeplessness or insomnia cases. Repeat the dose frequently for better results.

It is more useful in mother tincture, liquid form. Mother tincture of Camphora is effective when repeated frequently during shock, and vertigo.

Camphora Side Effects

Most homeopathy remedies are prepared through potentization and dilution. Hence, their natural properties are reduced, and their medicinal properties surfaced.

Overdose of Camphora sometimes causes painful urination with burning and priapism. Cantharis nullifies the side effects of Camphora and completes the curing process.

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