Dulcamara 30, Dulcamara 200 Uses & Side Effects

Dulcamara 30, 200, 1M Uses, Benefits, Dosage Side Effects

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Dulcamara is commonly known as Bittersweet, a powerful plant remedy, proved by Dr. Hahnemann. It belongs to the family Solanaceae.

It is a remedy of importance in glandular enlargement, especially of the lymphatic system, cellular effusions leading to profuse mucus secretions.

It is also helpful in various skin affections.

Dulcamara Constitution/Personality

It is suitable to persons of phlegmatic (who are inclined to put on fat), scrofulous(where glands are mostly affected), constitution. Persons of irritable temperament who are neither chilly nor hot.

People are easily affected by the sudden change from heat to cold or from cold to wet rainy weather.

It is adapted to patients living or working in a damp, cold basement or working in a milk dairy.

Mental confusion; cannot find the right word for anything. There is marked emaciation with dropsical swelling of the body. Unilateral spasms of brain tissue with loss of speech

Guiding symptoms of Dulcamara

Dulcamara is a beneficial remedy in complaints brought on by exposure to damp, cold rainy weather.

People are easily affected by a sudden change to hot weather when days are hot and nights are cold.

Catarrhal rheumatism or skin affections are brought on or aggravated by exposure to cold, damp, rainy weather, or sudden changes in hot weather.

One of the symptoms is increased secretions of mucous membranes, Perspiration being suppressed from cold-causing skin problems.

Skin is delicate, sensitive to cold, liable to eruptions, especially urticaria; every time patient takes cold or is long exposed to cold.

Dulcamara is useful in Anasarca, a condition in which general swelling of the whole body occurs after suffering from malaria or fever in shivering, after rheumatism, or after suffering from scarlet fever.

Dulcamara is useful in Dropsy conditions in which there is swelling of body parts due to accumulation of water: after suppressed sweat; suppressed eruptions; exposure to cold.

Dulcamara is an essential remedy in Diarrhea that occurs from taking cold in damp places or during wet, foggy weather; change from warm to cold weather.

Dulcamara is used to treat Catarrhal ischuria in grown-up children.

There is urine retention with milky urine; it usually occurs from wading with bare feet in cold water.

Dulcamara treats urticaria rash over the whole body; there is no fever, severe itching burns after scratching.

Worsening of skin rashes in warmth, better in the cold. Skin eruptions are thick, brown-yellow crusts on the scalp, face, forehead, temples, chin, reddish borders, and bleeding when scratched.

Dulcamara is prescribed in treating Warts that are fleshy, large, smooth, mostly seen on the face or BackBack of hands and fingers.

Dulcamara Uses

This article will cover from head to toe all the organs of the body. And wherever symptoms are matched, this medicine can be used-

Mind Complaints

Dulcamara is used to treat symptoms of mind with great restlessness and impatience, with an inclination to scold.

Restless sleep after midnight yet wakens early. In fevers, there are deliriums, during the pains at night and the heat.

There is internal restlessness causing great impatience. The patient inclines to quarrel with anger.

There is the sensation of enlargement of the cerebellum with mental confusion. Rejects things asked for, anything.

Head Complaints

Dulcamara is used for Occipital pain ascending from the base of the neck. During a headache, there is a buzzing in the head.

Headache is relieved by conversation when talking. The back part of the head is cold, heavy, aching during cold weather.

Dulcamara is used in treating ringworm of the scalp, scalds the head, thick brown crusts, bleeding of the scalp when scratched.

Eyes Complaints

Dulcamara is useful in treating the eye condition when every time he takes cold, it settles in the eyes leading to thick, yellow discharge; there are granular lids.

During Hay-fever, there is profuse, watery discharge from the looks. Eye complaints are worse in the open air.

Ears Complaints

Dulcamara is useful in treating a condition in which mainly the middle ear is affected.

There is earache, buzzing in the ear, stitches in the ear, and swelling of surrounding parotid glands.

Middle-ear catarrh, with an accumulation of wax at pus formation, is also seen.

Nose Complaints

Dulcamara is helpful in cases of dry coryza. There is a complete stoppage of the Nose.

The Nose stuffs up when there is a cold rain. Cold in the Nose progresses to the next stage.

There is thick, yellow mucus, bloody crusts in the Nose. Wants the Nose to be kept warm.

The least cold air stops the Nose from breathing as Nose gets blocked. It is helpful in the cold and coryza of the newborn.

Mouth Complaints

Dulcamara is useful in conditions of Mouth that occur in damp cold climates making Mouth saliva tenacious, soapy.

After taking cold in wet weather, there is a dry, rough tongue, rough scraping in the Throat.

There are Cold sores on the lips. Dulcamara is prescribed in facial neuralgia that is worse, on slightest exposure to cold.

Face Complaints

Dulcamara is useful in the symptoms-related face in which Convulsions, beginning in the front.

There is tearing in cheek extending to ear, orbit, and jaw, preceded by the coldness of parts and attended by canine hunger.

Humid eruptions on cheeks and face are generally seen in cases where Dulcamara is needed.

Throat Complaints

Dulcamara is useful in treating throat disorders with excessive mucus secretion in the Larynx and trachea;

Hence with every Throat infection, there is considerable easy expectoration of tasteless mucus, often with bright red blood.

Hemoptysis is also seen. Dulcamara is Seldom applicable except when throat symptoms come after suppressing skin eruptions.

Throat inflammation after taking a violent cold is followed by excessive secretion of mucus in internal organs.

The Larynx and trachea are full of mucus leading to hoarseness of voice.

Chest Complaints

Dulcamara is useful in chest-related complaints where cough worsens in cold, wet weather, with free expectoration and tickling in the Larynx.

Cough with hoarseness of voice, spasmodic cough is present. Whooping cough, with excessive secretion of mucus in chest. Winter coughs are dry, teasing.

Dulcamara is useful in asthma with dyspnoea in which there is a loose, rattling cough; worse wet weather.

Must cough a long time to expel phlegm. Dulcamara is used in treating cough that comes on after physical exertion.

Stomach Complaints

Dulcamara is used in treating symptoms related to the stomach when there is vomiting of white, tenacious mucus, mainly in the morning, accompanied by chilliness during vomiting.

There is an Aversion to food. Frequent heartburn with bitter taste Nausea accompanies the desire for stool.

Strong passion for cold drinks with dryness of the tongue and increase in saliva. Burning thirst is present for cold beverages.

The patient has intense hunger after the fever-heat. There is the sensation of inflation in the pit of the stomach, with the disagreeable feeling of emptiness in the abdomen.

There is retraction of the pit of the stomach, with burning pain. Cutting pain around the umbilicus is observed.

The patient suffers from colic from cold, as if Diarrhea would set in. Dropsy of the abdomen after malarial fever.

Swelling of the inguinal glands after fevers.

Rectum Complaints

Dulcamara is used in conditions of Rectum, especially Diarrhea where the Stool is Green, watery, slimy, bloody, filled with mucus.

Primarily related to weather changes in summer when the weather suddenly becomes cold, from damp, cold weather and repelled eruptions.

Dulcamara is used to treat Diarrhea, with colic, after a cold. Diarrhea consists of green or white mucus in stool.

Slimy Diarrhea, with faintness. Chronic Diarrhea, bloody Diarrhea, biting at the anus, vomiting, eructation, and thirst for cold drinks.

Diarrhea, with colic, particularly in the summer; nocturnal loose motions with watery evacuations when the weather suddenly becomes cool.

Along with Diarrhea, there is prolapsus of the Rectum.

Urinary Complaints

Dulcamara is used in catarrhal ischuria, the retention of urine in growing children.

Dulcamara is used in Strangury, painful micturition. Catarrh-mucus purulent secretion in urine from bladder from taking cold.

Urine has thick, mucous, purulent sediment. Ischuria-retention of urine from wading with bare feet in cold water.

Must urinate when getting chilled in cold, damp rainy weather.

Female Complaints

Dulcamara is used in treating conditions of Female related problems like dysmenorrhea with scars all over.

Mammae that is breast tissue is engorged and sore, delicate, sensitive to cold.

It is helpful in Amenorrhea when the suppression of menses occurs from freezing or dampness of weather.

Before the appearance of menses, a rash appears on the skin or sexual excitement.

Dulcamara is useful in Herpes on the mammae(breast) in nursing women. In nursing women, there is suppression of milk from a cold.

Hand Complaints

Dulcamara is used in the paralysis of the arms; they are icy cold, especially during rest.

It is helpful in Herpetic eruptions on the arms and hands and a necessary remedy in Warts on the hands.

It is helpful in Perspiration in the palms of the hands, tetters on arms and hands. Typical sweat on the palm.

Legs Complaints

Dulcamara is used to treat paralysis of the lower limbs. There is paralysis of a single limb, with feet icy cold.

The neck becomes stiff from every exposure to cold. Drawing pain in the lumbar region extending to the lower limbs during rest.

Pain in shinbones. Rheumatism alternates with Diarrhea. Rheumatic symptoms come after acute skin eruptions.

In rheumatism, there is lameness and stiffness in the BackBack. There is stitching, tearing, rheumatic pains in limbs after exposure to cold, better by motion, worse at night or in the evening, with some fever.

Sore, bruised feeling all over the body is present along with rheumatism. The Rheumatic complaints are intensified at night and during rest.

Back Complaints

Dulcamara is useful in the stiffness of the neck. Pain in the small of the Back that comes on after prolonged stooping.

Stiffness and lameness across neck and shoulders after getting cold and wet in a damp rainy climate.

Skin Complaints

Dulcamara is used in treating various skin disorders like Pruritus, Herpes zoster, pemphigus, Vesicular eruptions, Sensitive bleeding ulcers, tiny boils, always worse in cold, wet weather.

Swelling and indurated glands from cold. Red spots, urticaria, are brought on by exposure or eating sour food that remains in the stomach.

Humid eruptions on the face, genitals, hands, etc. Warts, large, smooth, on hands’ front and palmar surface.

There is Anasarca of the body. Dulcamara is useful in treating vesicular eczema.

The Vesicular eruption appears like tetters on the skin of various sorts. Dulcamara is useful in treating different outbreaks that occur on the skin surface.

One type is moist, suppurating eruptions. Another type is Pale, which exudes water upon being scratched.

Sometimes the discharge is reddish, with a red circumference, which bleeds upon being scratched.

With reddish rim, which smarts from cold water but doesn’t itch. At times Small, yellowish-brown tetters bleed after scratching. Thick crusts over the entire body.

There is the inactivity of external skin with excessive secretion from the internal mucous membranes and glands.

Thick, brown-yellow crusts are formed that, bleeding when scratched. The thickness of the skin surface and desquamation of that part in spots.

Fever Complaints

Dulcamara is useful in fever where there is dry burning heat all over.

Chilliness towards evening mostly felt in the BackBack. The body is Icy cold, with pains all over.

Dry heat and burning of the skin. Chilliness with a thirst for cold drinks.

On examination, the pulse is hard and tense, especially at night.

Coolness is not relieved by external warmth.

In the heat stage, there is general dryness, burning over the entire body along with burning in the BackBack.

There is no thirst in the heat stage.

In the sweating stage, there is offensiveness of sweat, sweat over the entire body at night and in the early morning, during the day, more on back, axillae, and palms of hands.


Modalities are the factors that, increase or decrease the complaints in a patient.

They are categorized as aggravating factors and amelioration factors.

Aggravating factors make the condition of the illness worst, while the amelioration factor makes the condition of the disease better.

It can be time, any part of the day, season, position, or any applications, etc.

Aggravated By

Cold in general; cold air; cold, wet weather; suppressed menstruation, eruptions, sweat.

Amelioration By

From moving about. external warmth.


Relationship with Other Medicine

Complementary Medicines

This remedy completes the process of cure that is started by the first medicine given.

Complements to Dulcamara are-Baryta. Carb; Kali.Sulphuricum.

Similar Medicines

These remedies have many similarities in action but are different in origin, which means the source from which the medicine is prepared is another.

Medicines similar to Dulcamara are Rhus.Toxicodendron.

Antidoted by

When there appear of new symptoms, you should study the new symptoms combined with the old one, and a second remedy covering more of these new symptoms is given. This second remedy is the antidote.

Dulcamara is antidoted by: Cuprum. Met; Camphora; Ipecac; Kali.sulph

It antidotes

Dulcamara antidotes Cupum.met; Mercurius.

Followed well by

These are medicines given after the first medicine finished its action.

Dulcamara is followed well by Baryta.Carb; Calcarea.Carb;Lycopodium;Rhus.Tox;Sepia;Veratrum.album.

Dulcamara Dosage & Potencies

The dosage and potency of the medicine depend on the individual case.

Homeopathic medicines are prescribed based on symptom similarity, where the symptoms narrated by the patient are somewhat similar to the guiding symptoms of the medication.

The totality of symptoms is formed by your homeopathic doctor, and medicine identical to the disease condition is given, the more exact similarity the early the process of cure.

Dulcamara 30 Uses

Lower potency is given when very few symptoms match the medicine to that of the patient.

These symptoms help doctors diagnose the disease condition only, and there are fewer symptoms of Dulcamara.

Lower potencies require frequent repetition, 3-4 times a day, till the expected result is seen. It is of use in eczema eruptions.

Dulcamara 200 Uses

This is considered as higher potency; they are given when the majority of mental symptoms and physical symptoms of Dulcamara match.

Higher potencies are advisable to be not repeated very often; they act for a long duration of days, so the second dose is repeated every 7-days or every 15-days once.

On giving 200C potency, it’s advisable to wait for the symptoms to subside. It is helpful in conditions of pneumonia.

Dulcamara 1M Uses

This is very high potency. One should give it only after careful case analysis, where all medicinal symptoms of Dulcamara and that given by the patient match perfectly.

One should not repeat 1 M potency. It is given 30 days once and waiting for symptoms to disappear.

Dulcamara Q (Mother Tincture) Uses

Dulcamara in tincture form or ointment form is used as an external application on wounds that are not healing properly due to cold and dampness, also for warts on the hand.

Dulcamara 3X/6X Uses

This lower potency of Dulcamara works well as a therapeutic dose for fever. Very useful in the treatment of hay fever, scarlet fever, and repeated intake 3-4 times a day is advised.

Clinical Indication of Dulcamara

  • Anasarca
  • Cold and Cough
  • Whooping Cough
  • Cholera
  • Headaches
  • Eye inflammations-Ophthalmia
  • Glandular affections-Tonsillitis
  • Influenza
  • Dropsy
  • Bladder-affections
  • Gangrene ulcers
  • Skin troubles-Eczema, psoriasis, Herpes-Zoster.
  • Facial Neuralgia
  • Rheumatism

Dulcamara Side Effects

Clinically no significant side effect of Dulcamara in homeopathic potentized form is noted.

If the patient is allergic to its ingredients, overuse in an external application can cause dermatitis.

In cases of aggravation of symptoms in asthma due to excess dosage, Camphora, Cuprum Met; can be given to avoid further complications.

Remember that homeopathic remedies should be prescribed based on individual symptoms and characteristics. It’s crucial to consult with a qualified homeopath for proper evaluation and personalized treatment. Homeopathy focuses on treating the whole person, so a detailed case study is necessary to select the most appropriate remedy.

Homeopathic medicines should be taken only when prescribed by a homeopathic physician. Self-medication may aggravate the original conditions.

FAQs on Dulcamara

What is Dulcamara homeopathic medicine?

Dulcamara, also known as bittersweet, is a homeopathic remedy derived from the woody nightshade plant. It’s commonly used to treat conditions related to damp and cold weather.

What are the key symptoms Dulcamara treats?

Dulcamara is indicated for conditions exacerbated by cold, damp weather, such as respiratory issues, joint pains, skin eruptions, and digestive disturbances.

What conditions can Dulcamara help with?

Dulcamara is often prescribed for ailments like colds, coughs, rheumatic pains, skin rashes aggravated by cold and dampness, and urinary tract infections.

How is Dulcamara prepared?

Dulcamara is prepared using the traditional homeopathic dilution method, where the plant extract undergoes successive dilutions and succussions to create the final remedy.

What are the dosage recommendations for Dulcamara?

Dosage recommendations for Dulcamara vary depending on the severity of symptoms and individual response. It’s typically available in various potencies, such as 6X, 30C, or 200C.

Are there any side effects associated with Dulcamara?

Dulcamara is generally considered safe when used as directed. However, like any homeopathic remedy, it may occasionally cause a temporary aggravation of symptoms before improvement occurs.

Can Dulcamara be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

It’s advisable to consult a healthcare professional before using Dulcamara or any other homeopathic remedy during pregnancy or breastfeeding to ensure safety and appropriate dosage.

How long does it take to see results with Dulcamara?

The onset of relief with Dulcamara can vary depending on the individual and the condition being treated. Some people may experience improvement within hours or days, while others may require longer treatment.

Can Dulcamara be used alongside conventional medications?

Dulcamara is generally safe to use alongside conventional medications. However, it’s essential to inform your healthcare provider about all the remedies and medications you’re taking to avoid any potential interactions.

Where can I purchase Dulcamara homeopathic medicine?

Dulcamara is available at most health food stores, pharmacies, and online retailers specializing in homeopathic remedies. It’s essential to choose a reputable source to ensure quality and potency.

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