Baryta Carb 30, Baryta Carb 200 Uses

Baryta Carbonicum 30, 200, Uses, Benefits Side Effects

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Baryta Carbonica, commonly known as Baryta Carb, is a homeopathic remedy derived from barium carbonate. In homeopathy, Baryta Carb is used to treat a variety of physical, mental, and emotional symptoms.

It is primarily indicated for conditions affecting the glands, heart, blood vessels, nervous system, and cognitive function.

Baryta Carb is often prescribed for individuals who exhibit delayed physical and mental development, particularly in children and elderly individuals.

It is also used for conditions such as enlarged tonsils, high blood pressure, cognitive impairment, heart issues, thyroid disorders, and cataracts.

In addition to physical symptoms, Baryta Carb addresses mental and emotional symptoms such as extreme shyness, timidity, fearfulness, indecision, and depression.

It is particularly beneficial for individuals who lack self-confidence and feel overwhelmed by social situations or decision-making.

Baryta Carb is available in various potencies, including 30C and 200C, and the selection of potency depends on the individual’s specific symptoms and overall health status.

It is essential to consult with a qualified homeopathic practitioner for proper diagnosis and individualized treatment recommendations.

Overall, Baryta Carb is a versatile homeopathic remedy that offers safe and effective relief for a wide range of ailments when used appropriately under the guidance of a qualified practitioner.

Baryta Carb Constitution

Baryta Carb’s personality is a dwarf with stunted growth. Patients responding well to baryta carb have scrofulous conditions where glands are swollen and indurated with a tendency to pus formation.

Those persons who take cold quickly; sore throat from cold; glandular affections.

The face is bloated, and in general, there is emaciation of the whole body.

A person with deficient memory, young people with a tendency to baldness.

It is well adapted to older adults who are obese.

Guiding Symptoms of Baryta Carb

Baryta carb is essential to remedy diseases of children/older adults, old drunkards, older adults who behave childishly.

There is a weakness of memory. The child is inattentive, cannot think, cannot remember, wants to play, sits alone.

There is a feeling of mistrust, lack of confidence, aversion to strangers; seeking solitude means wanting to be left alone.

It is helpful in Marasmus of children, dwarf children who do not grow properly, with swollen and enlarged glands, protein deficiency, abdomen swelling.

There is sobbing and continuous crying in children.

It is an essential remedy in children with tonsillitis, inflammation of tonsils in the throat, and tonsils are enlarged and hard touching each other, making it difficult to swallow food and can swallow only liquids.

It helps people who take cold quickly and get tonsillitis and sore throat easily on exposure to cold, and tonsils are suppurated easily.

Swelling glands with pus formation, the glands become stiff, and the glands around-ear become painful and swollen.

Swelling and induration of glands of the neck. It helps in chronic cough, with enlarged tonsils, worse from a slight cold, and overuse of voice.

Very sensitive to cold, very weak physically, must sit or lie down or lean on something.

Baryta Carb helps treat the mouth’s condition where there is increased salivation.

The mouth is filled with blisters and foul, bad breath from the mouth. It is an essential remedy in indigestion, hiccoughs, eructations, which relieves pressure that causes a stone sensation in the stomach.

It is a curative remedy in the habitual colicky pain of stomach in children; enlarged mesenteric glands; hunger, but refuse food, as swallowing is painful—pain and weight in the stomach immediately after a meal, epigastric tenderness.

The anus is sore and humid. Constipation, with hard, knotty stools. Hemorrhoids, burning, and soreness.

Hemorrhoids protrude out every time the person urinates /goes to stools.

Baryta Carb is an invaluable remedy for persons who talk in sleep, frequently awaken in sleep, and twitch in sleep. Increased salivation; saliva runs out during sleep.

Baryta Carb has cured tumors of several kinds. Induration in the breasts. Sarcoma in the neck with burning. Fatty tumors around the neck.

Fetid sweat of feet. Corns with burning and stinging. Burning and drawing pains are frequent in lower limbs.

Tearing in limbs with chilliness, tension, and shortening of muscles.

Baryta Carb Uses

Mind Symptoms

Loss of memory, mental weakness. Lost confidence in himself. Senile dementia.

Confusion of mind. Older adults behave childishly; grief over trifles—crying disposition.

Avoids strangers or society, the sight of their cause worsening of symptoms or causes a recurrence.

There is mistrust, anxiety about domestic affairs, very suspicious, fearful and cowardly.

Sudden fits of passion from trifling causes. Inattention to studies in children, weak memory is helpful in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD).

Head Symptoms

Vertigo extends through the head when standing in the sun. Hair falls out.

Confusion of mind at the beginning of vertigo, with nausea and headache.

Aching pains in the head, principally in the forehead, over the eyes, and the root of the nose, or with tension in the occiput, towards the neck.

Pricking, lancinating pains in the head provoked by the heat of a stove.

Pressure in the brain under vertex, towards the occiput, on waking, with the stiffness of the neck, digging in the head, with a sensation of looseness of the brain.

It is helpful in cases of dandruff where there is painful sensibility in the scalp.

It is susceptible to the touch, mainly on the side on which it lies, worse from scratching, as it leads to numbness in the skin of the forehead.

Itching and gnawing in the scalp; and external head, particularly behind the ears; lobe of the ear. Eruptions and dry scabs on the head.

Baldness with hair from the crown of the head, very useful in male pattern baldness when given at 30 c potency.

Heart Symptoms

It is helpful in Aneurism, Atheroma, Tachycardia. The pulse is full and hard.

There is palpitation and distress in the region of, blood pressure much increased, contraction of blood vessels.

Palpitation, felt in the head when lying on the left side when thinking of it—cardiac symptoms after suppressed foot-sweat.

The heart is very violent throbbing, excited by lying on the left side or renewed by thinking of it.

The slightest exertion makes him feel tired and sleepy.

Chest Symptoms

Baryta carb is one of the best remedies in treating cases of bronchitis, asthma resulting from chronic tonsillitis.

There is difficulty in breathing and shortness of breath, with the sensation of fullness in the chest.

Lungs feel full of smoke, and there is a feeling in the larynx that inspires smoke or pitch.

Pains in the chest, partly by eructations and by external heat.

The sensation of soreness in the chest, as if something hard, dropped down in the chest.

A fullness and pressure heaviness on the chest, when ascending, with shooting in the act of breathing.

There is catarrh, with cough, voice hollow and low, and fluent coryza.

Suffocation and paralysis of the lungs, dry, suffocative cough in older adults, full of mucus but lacking strength to expectorate, worse every weather change.

Spasmodic cough is like a whooping cough from roughness and tickling in the throat and pit of the stomach.

Cough worse in the evening up to midnight; after getting the feet cold; from exercise.

When lying on the left side; in the cold air; from thinking of it.

Eyes Symptoms

Alternate dilatation and contraction of pupils. Aching and burning pain in the eyes, on overusing eyes.

Inflammation of the ball of the eye and the eyelids, with pain as of excoriation, the sensation of dryness with photophobia.

Swelling of the eyes in the morning with ulcers on the cornea. Stye in the inner corner of the left eye.

Agglutination of the eyelids.Confusion of sight, which prevents one’s reading.

Specks are flying about, and black spots are before the eyes. Sparks before the eyes in the dark.

Ears Symptoms

It is a helpful remedy in diseases of the ears in old age, where there is the hardness of hearing as glands around ears are painful and swollen.

There is a tear in the bone in front of the right ear. Reverberation on blowing the nose.

Pulsation in the ears when lying down at night in sleep. Itching eruptions on or behind the ears.

Tinkling and roaring in the ears, cracking in the ears on swallowing, sneezing, and walking quickly.

Nose Symptoms

Sensation as if there is pine smoke in the nose.

There is the discharge of coryza with the abundant secretion of thick yellow mucus from the nose.

Scabs around the wings of the nose. Crusts below the nose with swelling of the upper lip and nose.

Very acute sense of smell. Painful dryness of the nose, sneezing; coryza, worse in the morning.

Epistaxis, frequent bleeding, after blowing the nose; before menses.

Face Symptoms

The face is pale, puffed with a sensation as of cobweb. The face is deep red, with purple lips.

Pain in the face with tensive swelling. The tension of the whole face as if white of egg had dried on over the face, temples, and scalp.

On the face, there are rough, dry, and herpetic eruptions.

Lips dry and cracked.Swelling of upper lip; with burning pain. Acute pain in the joint on closing the jaws.

Mouth Symptoms

It is a remedy in treating various disorders of the mouth. There is dryness of the mouth.

It is filled with inflamed vesicles, foul taste. There is smarting, burning pain in the tip of the tongue.

There is an accumulation of saliva in the mouth with dribbling from the sides. Offensive smell from the mouth.

Cracks in the tongue, with burning pain as of excoriation. Paralysis of tongue. Cold, black tongue.

Toothache only in the evening, in bed. Pullings, throbbing, and shocks in the teeth, extending even to the ear and the temple.

Toothache worse when thinking about it, there are burning shootings in the carious teeth, excited by contact with anything hot.

There is a toothache, with pale red swelling of the gums and bleeding of the gums.

Throat Symptoms

Baryta Carb is invaluable in treating chronic tonsillitis.

The submaxillary glands and tonsils are swollen. Takes colds easily, with stitches and smarting and stinging pain in the tonsils.

Quinsy-where tonsils touch each other as they are hard and indurated, causing a sensation as if one had a plugin in the throat.

Supurant tonsils from every cold. Sore throat, smarting pain when swallowing; worse empty swallowing.

Can swallow only liquids. Spasm of œsophagus as soon as food enters causes gagging and choking, making it challenging to deglut food.

Throat troubles from overuse of voice. Hoarseness and loss of voice, from an accumulation of viscid mucus in the throat, with dry cough chiefly at night or in the morning.

Stomach Symptoms

Baryta Carb is beneficial in cases of acidity and indigestion.

There is acidity with water brushes, frequent rises after a meal.

Sour taste before but not after a meal. Bitter taste, in the morning, with the tongue much loaded, with continuous thirst.

Weak appetite, and soon satisfied, although the food pleases the palate.

Nausea, chiefly in the morning, when fasting, and sometimes from indigestion.

Hiccough, an eruption, which relieves pressure as of a stone.

Pain and weight immediately after a meal, with epigastric tenderness.

Worse after warm food. Gastric weakness in the aged with possible malignancy of stomach.

Baryta carb is a beneficial remedy for stomach complaints due to weak digestion.

Discharge of phlegm from the stomach with vomiting of mucus—pains in the stomach, when fasting, after a meal.

Heaviness, fullness, and pressure in the stomach and epigastrium, even after having eaten a slight.

Sinking sensation in the afternoon, sensation as if stomach were hanging relaxed.

A person can sense the presence of pain in the epigastrium at every step taken.

There is the sensation when eating as if the parts through which the food passes were raw. Better by cold food

Abdomen Symptoms

Stiff and tense, distended abdomen with colicky pain.

Enlarged mesenteric glands. Pain in the abdomen on swallowing food.

Pain is relieved by eructation or external heat—painful tension and inflammation of the abdomen.

Habitual colics in the abdomen, with hunger, but the food is refused. Colic, with retraction of the navel.

Pinching and cuttings in the abdomen, with an inclination to evacuate, as if diarrhea were coming. Accumulation of flatus/gas.

Rectum Symptoms

Constipation, with hard, knotty stools.

Evacuations were difficult, hard and insufficient, with a frequent inclination to evacuate stools, with a sensation of anxious uneasiness in the lumbar region that felt like shiverings were passing over the thighs.

Sudden irresistible urge to stool, with painful soreness in the lumbar region, followed by frequent liquid stool.

Urgent desire to evacuate, which can scarcely be repressed or held back, the anus is sore and moist.

Baryta Carb is useful in treating worm infestation. There is the expulsion of ascaris worms.

Crawling in the rectum of worms. Itching and burning sensation at anus from worms in children.

The appearance of hemorrhoids, with shooting pain there is itching, the sensation of burning, excoriation, and oozing at the anus.

Hæmorrhoids protrude on urinating and passing stools.

Urinary Symptoms

Every time a patient urinates, his piles come down. Urging to urinate and burning in urethra on urinating.

Frequent inclination to make water, with significant emission, can hardly be retained.

Male Genital Symptoms

Diminished desire and paralysis of sexual organs lead to premature impotence.

Relaxed penis, premature emissions.

Falling asleep during coalition, without the emission having taken place.

Excoriation and oozing between the scrotum and the thighs.

Erections only in the morning before rising. Tendency to prostatitis. Testicles harden.

Female Symptoms

Before menses, pain in the stomach and small of the back. Diminished sexual desire in women.

Catamenia, in which blood and other matter are discharged from the uterus, is too feeble and of too short duration.

Leucorrhoea a little before the mense.

Before and during menses, there is a toothache, colic, pain in the back.

Back Symptoms

Stiffness, shootings, aching at the neck. Swollen glands around the neck, with burning pain in the bottom of it.

Swelling and induration of the glands of the neck. Fatty tumors about the neck. Bruised pain between my scapula.

Weakness of spine. Stiffness in the sacrum/ loins, worse in the evening to such an extent that one cannot get up from one’s chair nor stand up straight.

Tension in the shoulder blades, the nape of the neck, and the muscles of the neck, in a sharp and cold air.

Burning pain and throbbing sensation in the back, after mental emotion.

Stiffness in the small of the back in the evening, while sitting, allows neither to rise nor bend backward.

A marked symptom of pulsation in the back.

This makes it an essential remedy in people who suffer from backache due to long hours of office work on computers/office work.

Hand Symptoms

Swellings of the arms, with the pain of the axillary glands.

Pain in the deltoid muscle on raising the arm.

The arm becomes numb when one lies down. Hands cold, with bluish spots.

Swollen veins and redness of the hands. Trembling of the hand when writing.

Violent tingling and gnawing in the palm, with a desire to scratch.

Legs Symptoms

Tension in the legs, as if the tendons were too short.

Inbalance on walking and trembling in the legs and feet. Drawing pain in the legs as if the flesh were being torn off.

Pain, as of dislocation or stiffness of the cox-femoral joint.

Burning pains in legs; in the bend of thighs and knees.

Tractive pains in legs, as if in the bones. Shooting pain in the joints of the knee.Tension in the tibia, cramps in the calves and the legs.

Pain in the joints of the foot due to sprain. Fetid sweat of the feet.

Lymphatic and painful swelling in the fleshy part of the great toe.

Pain like that of corn in the insensitive part of the sole, when walking, the tendency to corns, with burning shootings and pinchings. . Soles painful when walking.

Skin Symptoms

Sensation in different parts, like the pricks of burning needles, itching, and crawling sensations.

Intolerable itching and tingling over the whole body at night.The sensation of cobwebs on the face.

Excoriation and oozing in several parts of the skin and peeling off of the back of the hand and the tops of the fingers.

Fever Symptoms

It is helpful in typhoid fever and other intermittent fevers.

The pulse is accelerated but weak during fever, with a solid disposition to chilliness.

Chilliness relieved by external heat.

Shuddering runs over the whole body, beginning at the face or the epigastrium, or with the tension of the face followed by a transient heat over the whole body.

A flushes of heat, more at night, with great restlessness. Perspiration, one-sided that is on the left side, every other evening.

Baryta Carb 30 vs Baryta Carb 200 Uses

The main difference between Baryta Carb 30 and Baryta Carb 200 lies in their potency and the scope of conditions they are typically used to treat. Here’s a comparison of their uses:

Baryta Carb 30 Uses:

  • Mild to Moderate Conditions: Baryta Carb 30 is often used for mild to moderate health conditions or symptoms.
  • Acute Conditions: It is suitable for acute conditions or those with a less severe presentation.
  • Initial Stages of Treatment: Baryta Carb 30 may be chosen as an initial remedy in the treatment protocol, especially when the symptoms are not too intense or deep-seated.

Baryta Carb 200 Uses:

  • Chronic or Severe Conditions: Baryta Carb 200 is typically employed for chronic or more severe health conditions.
  • Deep-seated Issues: It is preferred for conditions with deeper pathology or when the symptoms are more entrenched.
  • Advanced Stages of Treatment: Baryta Carb 200 may be selected for use in the later stages of treatment, particularly when the lower potencies have not produced the desired results.

Common Uses:

Both Baryta Carb 30 and Baryta Carb 200 share common uses such as addressing delayed development in children, enlarged tonsils, high blood pressure, cognitive function issues, and certain cardiovascular and thyroid disorders. However, the choice between the two potencies depends on the individual’s specific symptoms, the severity of the condition, and the overall health status.

In summary, while both potencies of Baryta Carb have overlapping uses, Baryta Carb 30 is typically employed for milder conditions and acute symptoms, while Baryta Carb 200 is reserved for more chronic or severe health issues. It’s crucial to consult with a qualified homeopathic practitioner for personalized treatment recommendations based on the individual’s unique symptoms and health history.

Baryta Carb Modalities

Worse from:- thinking of symptoms/complaints, from mental emotion; from cold washing; after getting cold feet, cold air; damp weather; lying on painful side mainly on the left side, after exercise; from eating warm food; headache when in the sun or near a warm stove. Palpitation worse on exertion.

Better from:-walking in the open air, when alone, eating cold food.

Relationship with other medicine

Complementary: Dulc; Silica; Psorin.

Incompatible: Calcarea carb.

Similar: to, Alum, Cal. iod., Dul., Fluor. ac., God., Sil

Antidoted by: Antim. Tart., Belladonna., Camphora, Dulcamara, Merc.sol., Zincum. Antidote for poisonous doses of Epsom salts.

Compatible: after Scilla, Arsenicum album.

Baryta Carb Clinical Uses

  • Aneurysm.
  • Apoplexy.
  • Atrophy.
  • Baldness.
  • ADHD
  • Hyperactivity in kids
  • Behavioral disorders in kids
  • Foot-sweat.
  • Glandular swellings.
  • Hemorrhoids.
  • Heart, affections-tachycardia.
  • Memory is defective.
  • Esophagus spasms and paralysis.
  • Parotitis.
  • Prostate, enlarged.
  • Quinsy(enlarged touching tonsils).
  • Sore throat.
  • Tonsils, enlarged.
  • Tumors.
  • Warts.

Baryta Carb Side Effects

Homeopathic medicines are prepared by potentization, so crude medicinal substances responsible for side effects are found in significantly fewer amounts.

Baryta carbonicum is a slow-acting remedy, so clinically, no significant side effects are found.

Still, if there is any increase in existing symptoms or any allergic reaction, it can be prevented by Antim. Tart, Belladonna., Camphor., Dulcamara., Merc., Zincum met.

Remember that homeopathic remedies should be prescribed based on individual symptoms and characteristics. It’s crucial to consult with a qualified homeopath for proper evaluation and personalized treatment. Homeopathy focuses on treating the whole person, so a detailed case study is necessary to select the most appropriate remedy.

Homeopathic medicines should be taken only when prescribed by a homeopathic physician. Self-medication may aggravate the original conditions.

Top 10 FAQs About Baryta Carb

1. What is Baryta Carb and what is it used for?

Baryta Carb is a homeopathic remedy derived from barium carbonate. It is primarily used to treat conditions related to delayed development, enlarged glands, cognitive impairment, heart issues, and thyroid disorders.

2. How does Baryta Carb work in the body?

Baryta Carb is believed to work by stimulating the body’s self-healing mechanisms, restoring balance, and addressing underlying imbalances that contribute to various health conditions.

3. What are the common symptoms that indicate the need for Baryta Carb?

Common symptoms include delayed development in children, enlarged tonsils, high blood pressure, cognitive impairment, heart palpitations, thyroid disorders, and cataracts.

4. Is Baryta Carb safe to use?

Yes, when used according to homeopathic guidelines and under the supervision of a qualified practitioner, Baryta Carb is considered safe and has no known adverse effects.

5. How is Baryta Carb prepared?

Baryta Carb is prepared through a process of serial dilution and succussion, which involves diluting the original substance in alcohol or water and then vigorously shaking it to potentiate its effects.

6. Can Baryta Carb be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

It is advisable to consult with a qualified homeopathic practitioner before using Baryta Carb during pregnancy or breastfeeding to ensure its safety and appropriateness for individual circumstances.

7. What are the common potencies of Baryta Carb?

Baryta Carb is available in various potencies, including 6C, 30C, 200C, and higher. The choice of potency depends on the individual’s symptoms and overall health status.

8. How long does it take to see results with Baryta Carb?

The timeframe for seeing results with Baryta Carb varies depending on the severity and chronicity of the condition being treated. Some individuals may experience improvement in symptoms relatively quickly, while others may require longer-term treatment.

9. Are there any dietary restrictions while using Baryta Carb?

There are typically no dietary restrictions associated with the use of Baryta Carb. However, it is advisable to follow a balanced and healthy diet to support overall well-being.

10. Can Baryta Carb be used alongside conventional medications?

It is generally safe to use Baryta Carb alongside conventional medications. However, it’s important to inform your healthcare provider about all medications and supplements you are taking to avoid any potential interactions.

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