Mercurius Solubilis (Merc Sol) 30, 200 – Uses & Side Effects

Mercurius Solubilis 30, 200 - Uses, Benefits and Side Effects

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Mercurius Solubilis also called as Merc Sol is a homeopathic medicine prepared from Mercurius Hydrargyrum i.e., Quicksilver.

Merc Sol is known to affect every organ and tissue of the body more or less.

This drug in its crude form has the power to change healthy cells into inflamed and necrotic wrecks, decompose the blood, and produce profound anemia.

These malignant powers are converted into life-saving beneficial powers by preparing them according to the homeopathic method.

When guided by clear-cut symptoms, Merc Sol is capable of providing great benefit to mankind.

It mainly affects the lymphatic system, membranes, glands, internal organs, bones, etc.

Lesions produced by this remedy are very similar to syphilis.

Merc Sol is therefore indicated in the second stage of syphilis where there is anemia and fever, falling of the hair, pain behind the sternum, around joints, and ulcerations of the mouth and throat.

The manifestations of hereditary syphilis are within the range of this medicine, abscess, snuffles, marasmus, stomatitis, and destructive inflammations.

There are tremors found everywhere in the body—weakness and trembling from least exertions.

All the symptoms of Merc Sol patients are worse at night, from the warmth of the bed, from dampness, cold rainy weather, and perspirations.

The complaints increased with sweat and rest. All are associated with a great deal of weakness, prostration, and trembling.

Merc Sol is also referred to as a human thermometer.

The Merc SOl patients are sensitive to heat and cold.

The affected parts are much swollen with a raw and sore feeling, the profuse oily perspiration does not provide relief.

The breath and discharges of the body are offensive.

There is a tendency for pus formation, which is thin, green, putrid, and streaked with thin blood.

Mercurius Solubilis Constitution/Personality

The Merc Sol patient is restless, he cannot remain in one place. He keeps changing from place to place.

The patient has disgust for life with an unwillingness to labor.

The patient is indifferent and does not care to eat. There is a tendency to make mistakes while speaking.

There is a weakness of intellect with hurried and rapid speech.

Merc Sol patient is full of perspiration.

Mercurius Solubilis Uses

This article will cover from head to toe all the organs of the body. And wherever symptoms are matched, this medicine can be used-

Mind Complaints

The patient is slow in answering questions. There is a loss of willpower with weak memory.

The patient is weary of life and mistrustful. He thinks he is losing his reasons.

Head Complaints

Merc sol patient feels vertigo when lying on the back. The patient complains of a band feeling along the head.

There are one-sided tearing pains in the head. The patient feels tension about the head as if banged.

Catarrhal headaches occur with much heat in the head. There are stinging, burning and fetid eruptions about the head.

Merc sol is good for loss of hair. There is a feeling of soreness in the bones.

The scalp feels tense with an oily sweat.

Eyes Complaints

The eyelids are red, thick, and swollen. There is a profuse, burning, and acrid discharge from the eyes.

The patient sees floating black spots before his eyes. It is a helpful medicine for people who work in a foundry (where metals are cast).

It is helpful for eye complaints after exposure to the glare of fire.

This medicine can improve Parenchymatous Keratitis of the eye which is of syphilitic origin.

It is also a good remedy for iritis with hypopyon.

Ears Complaints

There is a thick yellow, fetid and bloody discharge from the ears of a Merc Sol patient.

The earache i.e, Otalgia is worse by the warmth of the bed. There are sticking pains in the ears at night.

Merc Sol can effectively treat boils in the external canal.

Nose Complaints

There is much sneezing, the patient sneezes in the sunshine. The nostrils feel raw and ulcerated with swollen nasal bones.

The Merc Sol patient complains of yellow-green, fetid, pus-like discharge from the nose.

There is coryza with acrid discharge but the discharge is too thick to run down the lip.

The symptoms get worse in a warm room. There is pain and swelling of the nasal bones and carries with greenish fetid ulceration.

The patient may experience a nosebleed at night. Copious discharge of corroding mucus is present.

There is coryza with sneezing with sore, raw, and smarting sensation. The symptoms are worse in damp weather, the discharge becomes profuse and fluent.

Mouth Complaints

There is a sweetish and metallic taste in the mouth of a Merc Sol patient.

The salivary secretions are greatly increased, they are bloody and viscid.

The saliva is fetid and coppery. The patient experiences a sore pain in the mouth on the touch and chewing.

The whole mouth remains moist. Merc Sol is good medicine for the decay of the crown of the tooth.

The teeth are loose, feel tender, and elongated. There is a furrow on the upper surface of the tongue lengthwise.

The tongue is heavy with a thick moist coating and looks yellow, flabby with teeth intended.

The mouth feels as if burnt with ulcers. The patient complains of a fetid odor from the mouth and can smell it all over the room.

Merc Sol is good medicine for alveolar abscesses of the mouth which are worse at night. The Merc Sol patient has a great thirst with a moist mouth.

Face Complaints

The face of a Merc Sol patient is pale, earthy, puffy, and dirty looking. There is an aching in the facial bones.

The patient is having syphilis pustules on the face.

Throat Complaints

The throat is having a bluish-red swelling. There is a constant desire to swallow.

The patient experiences a putrid, sore throat which is the worse right side.

Ulcers and inflammation occur at every change of weather.

There are stitches in the ear on swallowing and the fluid return through the nose.

There are abscesses and tonsilitis with difficult swallowing after pus has formed.

The throat feels raw, sore, smarting, and burning. Merc Sol is good medicine for complete loss of voice.

There is burning in the throat as from a hot vapor ascending.

Chest Complaints

The patient feels soreness from fauces to sternum. He cannot lie on the right side.

There is a cough with yellow mucopurulent discharges. The cough comes in a paroxysm of two, worse a night and from the warmth of the bed.

There are stitching pains from the lower lobe of the right lung to the back.

Heart Complaints

The Merc Sol patient experiences an increased heartbeat i.e., palpitation from the slightest exertion.

The patient may faint and go into a fatal syncope ( sudden fall due to deficient blood flow to the brain ).

Stomach Complaints

There are putrid erections or belching. The Merc Sol patient has an intense thirst for cold drinks.

The digestion is weak with continuous hunger. The stomach is sensitive to touch. The stomach feels replete and constricted.

Abdomen Complaints

There is a stabbing pain in the abdomen with chilliness. The Merc Sol patient complains of a boring pain in the right groin.

There is flatulent distension with pain. The liver is enlarged and sore to the touch. The right upper portion of the abdomen is hard to touch.

Merc Sol is good medicine for jaundice. The bile is secreted deficiently.

Rectum Complaints

The stool is greenish, bloody, and slimy with pain and tenesmus. The symptoms are worse at night.

The patient has a never-get-done feeling. The discharges are accompanied by a chill feeling, sick stomach, cutting colic, and pain.

The stools of Merc Sol patients are whitish and grey.

Urinary Complaints

Merc Sol is a useful medicine for frequent urging of urination. There is a greenish discharge from the urethra.

The patient complains of burning in the urethra at the beginning to urinate.

The urine is dark, scanty, bloody, and albuminous.

Male Complaints

There are vesicles and ulcers on the male genital part. Soft chancre on the male genital organs can be treated with Merc Sol.

The genitals are cold. The prepuce is irritated and itches.

The Merc Sol patient has nocturnal emissions stained with blood.

Female Symptoms

There are profuse menses with abdominal pain. The leucorrhoea is excoriating, greenish and bloody.

There is a sensation of rawness in the parts. Merc Sol is a useful medicine for stinging pain in the ovaries.

The itching and burning in the female genital parts get worse after urination. The symptoms are relieved after washing with cold water.

The patient complains of morning sickness with profuse salivation.

The breasts become painful and full of milk during menses.

Hand Symptoms

There is weakness in the limbs. The patient complains of bone pains in the hands which are worse at night.

The hands are sensitive to cold with oily perspiration. The Merc Sol patient complains of trembling extremities, especially hands.

Merc Sol is a useful remedy for paralysis agitans.

Legs Symptoms

The patient experiences lacerating pain in the joints. There is cold and clammy sweat on the legs at night.

Merc Sol can treat dropsical swelling of legs and feet.

Back Symptoms

Merc Sol patient has a bruised feeling on the small of the back especially when sitting.

The patient experiences tearing pain in the tail bone i.e., coccyx. The symptoms get better pressing on the abdomen.

Skin Symptoms

The skin of a Merc Sol patient is almost constantly moist. Persistent dryness of the skin contraindicates the use of Merc Sol.

There is excessive odorous, viscid which is perspiration worse at night.

There is a general tendency to profuse perspiration but the patient is not relieved by it.

It is good medicine for vesicular and pustular eruptions. The ulcers are irregular in shape with undefined edges.

There are small pimples around the main eruption. The itching gets worse due to the warmth of the bed.

The lesions have yellow-brown cruts with considerable suppuration. The gland swells every time the patient takes a cold.

Merc Sol is a useful remedy for buboes and orchitis.

Fever Symptoms

The patient experiences gastric or bilious fever with profuse nightly perspiration, weakness, debility, and slow lingering.

There is heat and shuddering alternatively. The patient is having yellow perspiration.

There is profuse perspiration without relief. The patient feels creeping chilliness worse at night and in the evening.

There are alternate flashes of heat in the single parts.

Mercurius Solubilis Modalities

Modalities are the factors that, increase or decrease the complaints in a patient.

They are categorized as aggravating factors and amelioration factors.

Aggravating factors make the condition of the illness worst, while the amelioration factor makes the condition of the disease better.

It can be time, any part of the day, season, position, or any applications, etc.

Aggravated By-

The symptoms of a Merc Sol patient are worse at night, by wet weather, lying on the right side, dampness, perspiration, a warm room, and a warm bed.

Amelioration By-

The symptoms of a Merc Sol patient are better by weeping and coitus.

Relationship with Other Medicine

Mercurius Solubilis Complementary Medicines-


Mercurius Solubilis Antidoted by-

Hepar Sulph, Aurum, Mezereum, Nitric Acid, Dulcamara, Kali iod, Kali Mur, Staphysagria, Belladonna, Capsicum, Carbo Veg, Ferrum, Guaiacum, Sulphur, Thuja

Mercurius Solubilis antidotes-

Arsenic, Aurum, Antim Tart, Lachesis, Belladonna, Opium, Phytolacca, Valeriana, China, Dulcamara, Merzereum, Thuja

Mercurius Solubilis Follows well-

Arsenic, Asafoetida, Belladonna, Calcarea, China, Lycopodium, Nitric Acid, Phosphorus, Pulsatilla, Rhus Tox, Sepia, Sulphur

Mercurius Solubilis Followed well by-

Aconite, Belladonna, Hepar Sulph, Lachesis, Sulphur

Mercurius Solubilis Uses, Dosage & Potencies

Merc Sol 30 Uses-

Merc Sol in 30 potencies is considered a mild potency. It can be given to infants, children, and young adults.

Merc Sol 30 can be used for skin complaints, eyes complaints, ear complaints, throat complaints, and nose-related complaints.

The ideal dose of Merc Sol 30 should be 4 pills or drops thrice daily till improvement occurs.

Merc Sol 200 Uses-

Merc Sol in 200 potencies is considered a moderate potency.

It can be given to young adults and older age groups people.

Merc Sol 200 can be used for stomach complaints, abdomen complaints, hands complaints, leg complaints, and back complaints.

The ideal dose of Merc Sol 200 should be 4 pills or drops twice daily till improvement occurs.

Merc Sol 1M Uses-

Merc Sol in 1M potencies is considered a high potency. It should be only used when physical and mental symptoms both match with the symptoms of the patient.

It can be given to young adults and older age groups people.

Merc Sol in 1M can be used for mind complaints, fever, male complaints, and female complaints.

The ideal dose of Merc Sol in 1M potency should be 4 pills or drops once a week for three to four months.

Merc Sol Q (Mother Tincture) Uses-

Merc Sol in Q potency is not very common in use. It can be given to adults and older age groups people.

It is used when immediate physiological action is required.

Merc Sol 1M can be used for skin complaints, mouth complaints, and throat complaints.

The ideal dose of Merc Sol Q (Mother Tincture) should be 10 ten drops in half a cup of normal water twice daily for 15-20 days.

Merc Sol 3X/6X Uses-

Merc Sol in 3X/6X is a biochemic potency. It can be given to adults and older age groups people.

Merc Sol in 3X/6X potency is often used in homeopathic mixture tablets or syrups for various ailments.

It can be used for male complaints, male complaints, mouth complaints, throat complaints, and skin complaints.

The ideal dose of Merc Sol 3X/6X should be 3-4 tablets four times a day till improvement occurs.

Mercurius Solubilis Side Effects

A homeopathically prepared Merc Sol has no known side effects.

It is safe to be used for patients of any age group. Some caution must be taken while selecting the medicine potency.

It is not recommended to use high potency Mother tinctures without sound knowledge about homeopathic medicines.

Homeopathic medicines are prepared by a process known as potentisation in which the frug substance is highly diluted with a fixed amount of water and alcohol.

This is done to arouse the dynamic potential of the medicines which were somewhat harmful in their crude form.

This way prepared medicine contains a very little amount of crude drugs and is a very powerful dynamic medicine.

By the process of potentiation, medicines are converted into useful remedies for various ailments.

Although overdosing and unnecessarily consuming high doses of homeopathic medicines can produce certain undesirable symptoms i.e., either the intensification of already existing symptoms or the appearance of some new symptoms ( belonging to the action of medicine).

In some cases, the existing symptoms get highly intensified for a very short duration of time. This is known as homeopathic aggravation. This occurs for a transient period and by this process of healing the disease gets cured from its root cause.

Taking Merc Sol in unnecessarily high doses and too frequent repetition of the medicine may lead to symptoms like skin eruptions and diarrhea.

However, these symptoms will disappear o stopping the medicine and correcting the doses.

Plank Homeopathy Disease Kits

A specialized homeopathy kit prepared for each disease based on years of clinical experience.

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