Homeopathy for High Blood Pressure – Causes & Best Treatment

Homeopathy for High Blood Pressure - Causes and Best Treatment

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This blog explains homeopathy for high blood pressure, its causes, symptoms, risk factors, management & best treatment along with top remedies.

High blood pressure also called hypertension is one of the most common medical conditions worldwide. Yet because it rarely has noticeable symptoms, around half of those with the condition do not know they have it.

High blood pressure or hypertension is a condition in which the force of blood on the walls of your arteries is often too high. Arteries are the blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart to supply our tissues with oxygen and nutrients. When our heart beats the pressure against the wall is lower and when our heart rests between the beats the pressure is higher.

When we do an activity like running around or exercising then our heart rate goes up and the blood pressure gets higher too because our heart is beating harder. On the other hand, when we read a book on the couch or during rest our blood pressure is lower because our heart is more relaxed.

Those who experience hypertension tend to regularly have blood pressure that is higher than normal. This can happen for several reasons and each person’s body is different. For some people, it may be due to disease and for others, it may be due to arteries becoming narrower.

This article will cover homeopathic remedies for high blood pressure, causes of high blood pressure, symptoms, risk factors, management & complete treatment.

Causes of Hypertension

Now, the question arises what causes hypertension or high blood pressure? As we know the amount of pressure applied by the blood on the walls of the arteries is called blood pressure. If a person has high blood pressure it means that the walls of the arteries are receiving too much pressure constantly.

The exact cause of high blood pressure is not known, but several things may play a role that can cause hypertension.

1. High salt intake

Number one on the list is a high intake of salt in the diet. The link between salt and high blood pressure is especially compelling. Most of the sodium we consume is in the form of salt and it is said that high sodium consumption can raise blood pressure.

2. Smoking

Another cause of high blood pressure is smoking. Smoking causes an acute increase in blood pressure. The nicotine in cigarettes and other tobacco products makes the blood vessels narrow and the heartbeat faster, which makes our blood pressure get higher.

3. Obesity

Being overweight or having excess weight gain can raise blood pressure and when associated with increased visceral adiposity, is a major cause of hypertension. Major consequences of being overweight or obese include a higher prevalence of hypertension and a cascade associated with cardiorenal and metabolic disorders.

4. Unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Some unhealthy lifestyle choices such as not doing enough physical activity and eating unhealthy foods or food that contains a high amount of fats can raise the cholesterol in the body and eventually end up causing hypertension.

Types of High Blood Pressure

There are two main types of high blood pressure these are as follows.

1. Primary high blood pressure

Primary hypertension or essential hypertension has occurred when you have abnormally high blood pressure that is not the result of a medical condition. It doesn’t have one distinct cause but is multifactorial and also known as idiopathic.

This type of high blood pressure is often due to an unhealthy lifestyle, obesity, and a family history of high blood pressure.

2. Secondary high blood pressure

Secondary high blood pressure is one of the types of hypertension that is caused due to another medical condition. There is a sudden onset of high blood pressure that no longer responds to medication that previously controlled your blood pressure. There is no obesity and no family history of hypertension in secondary high blood pressure.

Secondary hypertension can also occur during pregnancy and is known as Gestational hypertension.

Symptoms of High blood pressure

High blood pressure is generally a silent condition and many people will not experience any symptoms and remain asymptomatic. However, there are some symptoms seen in the patients when the condition reached a severe level. These symptoms may be attributed to other issues.

  • Severe Headaches
  • Convulsion
  • Cerebrovascular accident
  • Hypertensive retinopathy
  • Vision problem
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dizziness
  • Elevated sugar level
  • Nosebleed
  • Chest pain
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Fatigue or confusion

Risk factors of High blood pressure

High blood pressure is not always noticeable. Sometimes called the silent killer. People can go years with high blood pressure and never know they have a problem. High blood pressure makes your heart work a lot harder than normally and causes added strain on your artery walls.

Over time, this can contribute to the buildup of plaque, restricting blood flow throughout your body, which can lead to coronary artery disease. If the arteries become fully blocked, you could have a heart attack.

The health risk factors associated with high blood pressure are as follows.

  • Stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Heart failure
  • Vascular Dementia
  • Peripheral arterial disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Eye problems
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Aortic aneurysm.

Diagnosis of High blood pressure

Having a health professional check your blood pressure is a way to find out if you might have high blood pressure. Diagnosis of high blood pressure by physical examination and sign symptoms will not give the proper result.

Hence there is a device called a sphygmomanometer which consists of a stethoscope, arm cuff, dial, pump, and valve and is used to measure the blood pressure.

The doctor will make sure that the patient is sitting down with their arm at heart level and their legs are uncrossed. Then the doctor will put the cuff on the patient’s arm and inflate it by pumping until the doctor no longer feels the brachial artery.

Then the doctor takes the reading of the estimated systolic pressure or the top no. and this is the first sound, and then there is the diastolic number or a bottom number and this is the point where the doctor no longer hears the sound.

The normal blood pressure is if it’s below 120/80 mm Hg. Elevated blood pressure is 120 to 129 and less than 80. High blood pressure or hypertension is blood pressure that is greater than 130/80.

In addition to measuring the blood pressure, the doctor will also ask for medical history, and family history and also perform a physical examination, analyze the signs and symptoms and recommend some lab tests that include.

Electrocardiogram or ECG is performed to measure the electrical activity, rate, and rhythm of the heart. Echocardiogram uses ultrasound waves to provide pictures of the heart valves and chambers so the pumping action of the heart can be studied. Other lab tests are the Urine test and the Cholesterol test.

Prevention and Management of High Blood Pressure

It is a piece of sage advice that prevention is better than cure. Lifestyle changes and modifications by avoiding those habits that lead to increased blood pressure can prevent hypertension or high blood pressure.

To help manage your blood pressure, you should limit the amount of salt intake in your diet and increase the amount of potassium in your diet. It is said that high sodium in the diet we eat leads to cause hypertension.

So, it is better to limit sodium intake to prevent high blood pressure. It is also very important to add foods that are lower in fats because the deposition of cholesterol on the walls of the blood vessel can also lead to a rise in the pressure of the blood. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Maintaining a healthy weight can lower the risk of high blood pressure. Obesity or overweight is one of the major risk factors for hypertension so getting regular exercise can help to maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of other health problems also.

You should try to get moderate-intensity aerobic exercise, morning walk, jogging, running, and skipping for at least 1 or 2 hours daily.

Drinking too much alcohol and smoking cigarettes puts you at a major risk of high blood pressure. So, it is good to limit your alcohol intake and habit of smoking or better to avoid it. If you are a habitual smoker then talk to your doctor for help in finding the best way for you to quit smoking.

Stress management is the most necessary step in reducing the risk of high blood pressure. Do meditation daily, listen to soft music, focus on something that is calm and peaceful and exercising can help to divert you from the stressful thoughts and helps you to improve your emotional as well as physical health and eventually reduces the risk of high blood pressure.

Homeopathy for High Blood Pressure – Top Remedies

Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine that treats not only the symptoms of the disease but also the man who is suffering from the disease.

So, after a complete detailed history of present and past disease and considering the family history also, a drug is prescribed which will be based on the individualization of every patient.

In mild cases, improvement can be seen in 4-5 weeks, whereas severe cases will take a longer time.

Now, let’s go through some of the homeopathic medicines that can help to treat High blood pressure. Some of the best homeopathic medicines for the treatment of high blood pressure are mentioned below.

  • Aconitum
  • Arsenicum
  • Argentum nitricum
  • Natrum Muriaticum
  • Ignatia
  • Belladonna
  • Phosphorus
  • Lachesis
  • Glonoinum
  • Aurum metallicum

1. Aconitum: for high blood pressure with anxiety

Aconitum napellus is a top-listed remedy and is highly effective in neutralizing high blood pressure.

It is indicated when there is a sudden rise in blood pressure and conditions have sudden outbursts. It inflicts fear of dying and acute anxiety disorder.

Dosage and potency: 30c, 200c 4 globules (pills) dissolved in half a cup of water 3 times a day.

2. Arsenicum album: for high blood pressure with extreme restlessness

Arsenicum album is one of the great homeopathic remedies used to treat high blood pressure resulting from chronic mental stress, anxiety, and worries.

It is indicated in the condition when there is excessive fear, anxiety, and depression. The patient often wakes up with a panic attack at night and there is excessive restlessness.

Dosage and potency: 200c, 4 globes in half cup of water thrice a day till the symptom disappear.

3. Argentum Nitricum: for hypertension and mental agitation and palpitation of the heart

Argentum nitricum is indicated when there is high blood pressure due to mental agitation and when blood pressure rises due to anxiety and nervousness.

This remedy is indicated in stage fright or anticipation of a stressful situation. There are a lot of cravings or desire for sweets in the patients and they are typically warm-blooded and impulsive.

Dosage and potency: 30c, 200c, take 4 drops of dilution in half a cup of water twice a day, till the improvement is seen.

4. Natrum Muriaticum: for high blood pressure due to stress

It is indicated to reserved and responsible personality but has strong feelings of grief, stress, and disappointment inside.

This medicine is very effective in hypertension and can be given when there is a sudden rise in blood pressure due to the suppression of anger and stress.

Dosage and potency: 200c potency take 4 globules (pills) twice a day till the improvement occurs.

5. Ignatia: hypertension due to grief and trauma

Ignatia is another wonderful homeopathic remedy for treating high blood pressure due to emotional upsurges, grief, and trauma.

It is the most contradictory remedy in homeopathy. It is useful for sensitive, hyperexcitable patients with weeping dispositions and a history of grief.

Dosage and potency: 200c potency of dilution, take 2-3 drops in half cup of water twice a day, till the symptoms disappear.

6. Belladonna: hypertension with the vigorous throbbing of arteries.

Belladonna is an effective homeopathic medicine for treating high blood pressure. It is indicated in treating hypertensive crisis with the throbbing of arteries with flushes of heat, dilated pupils, pounding headache, and impending strokes.

Dosage and potency: 30c, 200c potency, take 2-3 drips of dilution in half cup of water and take twice a day till the improvement.

7. Phosphorus: for hypertension due to fat deposition in the heart

Phosphorus is the homeopathic medicine used to treat the condition of high blood pressure that is occurring due to fat deposition in the heart.

This medicine has great action on the blood vessel and on circulation, high blood pressure can often lead to cause hemorrhages and nose bleeding. There is a frequent desire to drink carbonated drinks and they are sensitive to emotional stress.

Dosage and potency: 30c, 200c, 4 globules (pills) twice a day till the improvement is seen.

8. Lachesis: for hypertension during menopause

Lachesis is a highly effective medicine for treating high blood pressure, especially during menopause, and is indicated when the patient is having hot flushes and hot perspiration, the rush of blood to heat, and irregular heartbeats.

They are very loquacious or talkative and cannot bear tight clothing around the neck.

Dosage and potency:- 200c potency, take 4 globules thrice a day up to improvement.

9. Glonoine: for high blood pressure due to excessive exposure to the sun

Glonoine is a homeopathic remedy used to treat hypertension accompanied by headaches due to exposure to the sun. There is intense congestion of the head with a rush of blood to the head.

Dosage and potency: 30c, 200c take 3-4 drops of dilution in half a cup of water twice a day.

10. Aurum metallicum: high blood pressure due to narrowing of the blood vessel.

This medicine is indicated when hypertension results from damage to the arterial walls causing narrowing of the passage for blood flow. This makes the pulse weak, rapid, and irregular.

It is indicated when there is a sensation as if the heart stopped beating and then started beating suddenly with a hard blow.

Dosage and potency: 200c potency, take four globules under the tongue, twice a day for 15 days or until the improvement appears.

Remember that homeopathic remedies should be prescribed based on individual symptoms and characteristics. It’s crucial to consult with a qualified homeopath for proper evaluation and personalized treatment. Homeopathy focuses on treating the whole person, so a detailed case study is necessary to select the most appropriate remedy.

Homeopathic medicines should be taken only when prescribed by a homeopathic physician. Self-medication may aggravate the original conditions.

Plank Homeopathy Disease Kits

A specialized homeopathy kit prepared for each disease based on years of clinical experience.

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