Cantharis 30, 200, 1M – Best Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

Cantharis, 30, 200, 1M, mother tincture - Uses and Side Effects

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Cantharis is produced from Spanish Fly by reducing into a coarse powder and saturating it later with alcohol to prepare the mother tincture.

Cantharis belongs to the animal kingdom. It is introduced by the founder of Homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

Cantharis is a powerful irritant drug in crude form. Its main center of function is the urinary and sexual organs.

It produces functional disturbances and violent inflammations in these organs.

Cantharis can be a useful remedy for patients with puerperal convulsion.

The whole gastrointestinal system especially the lower bowel come under the sphere of action of this drug.

There is an over-sensitiveness of all parts.

Raw and burning pains are the characteristic feature of cantharis.

There is an intolerable, constant urging to urinate.

Gastric, hepatic, and abdominal complaints that get worse after drinking coffee can be relieved by cantharis.

It increases the secretions of mucus membrane.

Painful micturition with other complaints can be benefitted from this medicine.

The anger of the cantharis patient turns into paroxysms of rage.

The word “irritation” describes the essence of the totality of the cantharis patient.

The pains of cantharis are sharp, burning, and lancinating in nature.

The patient expresses dejected and tearful humor.

Cantharis Constitution/Personality

The cantharis patient experiences an oversensitiveness of all parts of the body.

The patient is physically extremely weak.

The patient is having a feeling of disgust for everything, food, drink and tobacco.

There is a raw, sore and burning pain in every part of the body, internally and externally.

Drinking even a small quantity of water increases the pain in the bladder.

There is anxiety and agitation that make the body move unconsciously.

The patient lacks self-confidence. The patient is very timid.

There is a disposition to e angry and fly into a rage.

The patient goes into delirium and rage with extravagant acts and gestures.

Cantharis Uses

This article will cover from head to toe all the organs of the body. And wherever symptoms are matched, this medicine can be used-

Mind Complaints

The patient is mentally furious. There is anxiety and restlessness that ends in rage.

The patient cries and barks, which gets worse by touching the throat (voicebox) or by drinking water.

The patient constantly attempts to do something but accomplishes nothing.

There is an acute sexual mania, fiery sexual desire.

The patient experiences episodes of rage, crying and barking.

There is a sudden loss of consciousness with a red face.

Head Complaints

There is a burning sensation in the brain.

The cantharis patient complains of a sensation as if there is boiling water in the brain.

The patient experiences dizziness and lightheadedness which get worse in the open air.

The patient suffers from vertigo with loss of consciousness and loss of sight. The headache interrupts sleep at night.

There is lancinating pain in the head which disappears on walking.

There is congestion in the head. There is a throbbing in the brain which extends to the head.

Headache as if the hair is pulled. There is burning i9n the sides of the head which extends to the neck.

Eyes Complaints

The cantharis patient complains of yellow vision. The eyes are fiery, sparkling and staring in look.

There is a burning pain in the eyes of a cantharis patient.

There are pains in the eyes as if the eyes are excoriated.

Burning and smarting inflammation of the eyes.

Ears Complaints

The patient experiences a sensation of wind blowing in the ear as if the air is hot.

The bones in and around the ear are painful.

There is inflammation with burning heat in the ears.

Nose Complaints

There is swelling and burning heat in the nose, externally and internally.

There is a fetid and sickly smell in the nose.

The patient complains of coryza and catarrh of long duration with a heavy flow of mucus from the nose.

Mouth Complaints

The cantharis patient experiences a taste of cedar pitch in the mouth.

There is an inflammation in the mucus membrane of the mouth, throat, pharynx, and tonsils with an inability to swallow.

The burning in the mouth extends to the food pipe (oesophagus) and stomach.

The patient complains of weakness in the organs of speech.

The tongue is covered with vesicles, deeply furred. The margins are red.

Face Complaints

The face of the cantharis patient is pale and wretched, having a death-like experience.

There are itching eruptions on the face that burns when touched.

The patient suffers from erysipelas of the face with burning and biting pain. It is associated with urinary complaints.

The face of the cantharis patient is hot and red.

There is paleness on the face. The face looks hollow and Hippocratic with features expressing anxiety and anguish.

The face is yellowish. There are vesicular erysipelatous eruptions on the cheeks.

The patient complains of burning, redness and swelling of the face.

There is swelling on one side of the face with tension.

There is swelling and inflammation of the lips with fissures and exfoliation.

Throat Complaints

There is burning in the mouth, pharynx and throat.

The patient suffers from great difficulty in swallowing liquids.

There is a secretion of very tough mucus from the throat.

Touching the throat produces a violent spasm.

The throat feels on fire due to inflammation.

There is a feeling of constriction n the throat due to ulceration.

The throat feels scalded and burning after taking too hot food.

The throat feels sore on swallowing food or liquid.

There is a regurgitation of food at night which means food in the stomach or food pipe comes back via the mouth.

There are burning pains in the throat while swallowing.

The patient suffers from inflammation and ulceration of the tonsils and the throat with an inability to swallow.

Burning pains in the throat are temporarily relieved by drinking cold water.

Chest Complaints

The patient experiences frequent dry cough, palpitation and difficulty breathing.

There are short, hacking, blood-streaked cough.

There are burning and stitching pains in the chest and sides.

The respiration is oppressed and constricted. Going uphill makes the symptoms worse.

There are stitching pains in the chest on inspiration.

The patient complains of excessive weakness in the organs of respiration while breathing deeply and talking.

Heart Complaints

There are stitching pains in the region of the heart.

The patient experiences an increased heartbeat i.e., palpitations in the chest.

There is a tendency to syncope, and sudden falling or unconsciousness due to low blood pressure.

Heart complaints associated with urinary troubles can be benefitted from this remedy.

Stomach Complaints

The cantharis patient complains of a burning sensation in the stomach and oesophagus (food pipe).

There is a feeling of disgust for everything, drink, food and tobacco.

The patient is having a burning thirst with an aversion to all fluids.

The stomach is very sensitive. There are violet burning pains.

The patient suffers from vomiting mixed with blood.

The stomach symptoms get worse on drinking coffee, even a small quantity causes pain in the bladder and is vomited.

There is an unquenchable thirst in cantharis patients.

Abdomen Complaints

Pain in the abdomen occurs after taking coffee. There is inflammation in the liver.

There is shooting and contracting pain in the right upper part of the abdomen.

The abdomen is greatly sensitive to touch. There is burning pain in the abdomen from the mouth to the rectum.

There s inflammation in the intestines. There is pressure pain in the chest region due to the accumulation of gas.

Rectum Complaints

The cantharis patient complains of burning pains in the rectum.

The anus burns during passing stool. The patient shivers ith burning.

The stools are watery and mixed with mucus, like scrapings of the intestine.

The stools are bloody, with burning, pain and shuddering after stool.

Urinary Complaints

There is an intolerable urging and tenesmus. The patient may suffer from nephritis with bloody urine.

There are violent paroxysms of burning and cutting pains in the renal region with painful urging to urinate.

The urine flows drop by drop. There is intolerable tenesmus before, during and after urination.

The urine scalds the patient and flows drop by drop.

There is a constant desire to urinate. The urine is jelly-like and shreddy.

There is the retention of the urine with cramp-like pain in the bladder.

The patient feels an urgent and ineffectual urge to pee. The flow is painful, drop by drop.

The urine is passed with difficulty in a weak and scattered stream.

The urine can be pale, yellow or deep red in colour.

Sometimes there is a flow of mucus from the bladder.

In some people, urine is mixed with blood and flows drop by drop.

There is incisive pain in the front part of the urethra. This pain is felt during and after urination.

There are sharp, pulling, burning, incisive pain and pulsations in the bladder.

The patient feels burning, stinging and tearing pain in the kidneys.

Pressing pain in the kidneys extends to the bladder, along the ureters.

Cantharis is a very useful remedy for inflammation and ulceration of the kidneys, bladder and urethra.

On being touched, the bladder region becomes extremely sensitive.

Cantharis is a very well-known and popular medicine in homeopathy for the treatment of urinary complaints occurring at any age.

Male Complaints

There is a strong sexual desire with a painful erection.

There is pain in the glans of the male genital organ. Painful swelling of the testes comes under the sphere of action of cantharis.

There are painful erections with gonorrhoea symptoms.

After coition, there are burning pains in the urethra.

The patient experiences dragging in the spermatic cord while urinating.

Cantharis is a useful remedy for inflammation and gangrene of the genital parts in males.

It can relieve painful swelling in the testes. Sexual desire is greatly increased with painful erections.

Female Symptoms

Cantharis is useful for the treatment of retained placenta with painful urination.

It can help to expel dead fetuses, membranes and moles.

The female patient may experience Nymphomania i.e., extreme excitement with sexual desire.

There is inflammation of the bladder after delivery.

The menses come very early, very soon with black swelling of the vulva and irritation.

There is constant discharge from the uterus. There are burning pains in the ovaries.

Ovaries are extremely sensitive. There is tearing and lancinating pain in the lower part of the backbone.

Cantharis s a very helpful remedy for the treatment of swelling in the cervix.

There is a flow of corrosive leucorrhoea with a burning sensation on passing urine.

Hand Symptoms

There is acute tractive pain in the arms. There is a feeling of want of strength in the hands.

Cantharis is helpful to treat eczematous eruptions on the hands and in between fingers.

The eruptions are extremely itching and burning.

The symptoms are worse due to cold water and warmth.

Legs Symptoms

The patient feels pain in the hips with spasmodic suffering in the urinary passage.

There is acute tractive pain in the feet up to the hips.

Darting pains occur in the foot.

Back Symptoms

The patient complains of stiffness in the nape of the neck. There is a pain in the loin region with an intolerable desire to urinate.

There are acute drawing pains in the back. There is a sensation of constriction in the spine.

Skin Symptoms

Cantharis is helpful for the treatment of skin complaints such as dermatitis, and eczema.

There are secondary eczematous eruptions in the genital area with excessive perspiration.

There are fluid-filled eruptions with burning and itching, the tendency to gangrene formation.

The eruptions burn and scald with rawness and smarting.

The symptoms are better with cold application. The soles of feet burn in the night.

The skin symptoms make the patient restless and uncomfortable.

Fever Symptoms

The soles burn in fever with cold hands and cold feet. There is cold sweat in during fever.

The chill stage makes the patient cool as if water is poured upon the patient.


Modalities are the factors that, increase or decrease the complaints in a patient.

They are categorized as aggravating factors and amelioration factors.

Aggravating factors make the condition of the illness worst, while the amelioration factor makes the condition of the disease better.

It can be time, any part of the day, season, position, or any applications, etc.

Aggravated By-

The symptoms of cantharis are aggravated by the following conditions:




Drinking cold water or coffee

Amelioration By-

The symptoms of cantharis are better by rubbing the affected part.

Cantharis Relationship with Other Medicine

Complementary Medicines-

Cantharis is complementary to homeopathic medicine Apis Mellifica.

Antidoted by-

<Write Cantharis is antidoted by medicines named Laurocerasus, Aconite, and Pulsatilla.

It antidotes-

Cantharis antidotes the bad effects of Aconite, Camphor, and Pulsatilla.

Cantharis Dosage & Potencies

Cantharis 30 Uses-

Cantharis in 30 potencies can be used to treat recent symptoms which are not very severe.

Cantharis 30 can be successfully used to treat skin affections.

It can be safely given to children showing symptoms that require cantharis.

Cantharis 30 is used to treat milder symptoms.

The ideal dose should be four pills or four drops thrice daily till improvement occurs.

Cantharis 200 Uses-

Cantharis in 200 potencies can be used to treat moderate symptoms in young adults and older age groups.

This potency should be used when the symptoms need immediate relief.

It can be used successfully for urinary and genital-related symptoms.

The ideal dose is four drops or four pills twice daily for fifteen-twenty days.

Cantharis 1M Uses-

Cantharis in 1M potency should be used when the physical and mental symptoms both match.

This is considered a high potency and should be used cautiously.

Cantharis 1M can be used to treat respiratory, abdominal, chest, and throat complaints.

The dose can be four pills or drops once a week.

Cantharis Q (Mother Tincture) Uses-

Cantharis mother tincture can be used in case of eruptions or burns.

It can be locally applied to the affected area.

Internally it can be used as 10 drops in half a cup of water twice daily for a few days.

Cantharis 3X/6X Uses-

Cantharis In lower potencies i.e., 3X or 6X can be used to treat conditions where physiological action or immediate relief is required.

It can be taken as four tablets twice daily till improvement occurs.

Cantharis Side Effects

Homeopathic medicines are prepared by the process of potentisation i.e., by repeated dilution of the medicinal substance to the extent that very minute material substance is left.

This process converts the medicine from crude to dynamic form.

Usually, there are no side effects of homeopathically prepared medicines.

But unnecessarily overdosing on the medicine may cause some aggravation in the symptoms which may seem like side effects.

These symptoms will stop manifesting when the medicine is stopped.

These side effects may include burning and smarting sensation.

Raw and burning heat in the gut and urogenital organs.

Burning sensation in the throat and mouth with diarrhea and vomiting.

These are a few side effects of cantharis.

Plank Homeopathy Disease Kits

A specialized homeopathy kit prepared for each disease based on years of clinical experience.

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