Bacillinum 30, 200, 1M, Q – Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

Bacillinum 30, 200, 1M, Q - Uses, Benefits and Side Effects

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Bacillinum is a nosode remedy of homeopathy. Nosode is a medicinal preparation of a disease tissue or virus and bacteria. This medicine is prepared with help of repetition of succession and dilution.

Bacillinum is a medicine prepared with the sputum of a tuberculosis patient. It is prepared by Dr. Heath. It is described and named by Dr. Burnett. Dr. Burnett studied this medicine and cured chronic cases of chest affections.

According to Dr. Burnett, ringworm on the scalp and fungal skin infections are indications of tubercular diathesis. If a patient is suffering from an acute disease with tubercular diathesis, then this is a useful remedy for a patient.

Bacillinum is great intercurrent medicine. A patient who must suffer from chronic chest affection or who has a family history of chest affection can take this medicine once a month. This will change the patient’s health in a good way.

Bacillinum is not effective in acute cases of tuberculosis as compared effectiveness in chronic cases. Dr. Cartier noted that the Bacillinum is helpful in the congestion of the lung with whitish yellowish mucus discharge.

Bacillinum personality/ Constitution

Bacillinum is useful for patients who have tubercular diathesis. This is indicated in a case, who has chronic chest affection or has a family history of chest affection.

It is especially indicated for chest affection in old people associated with chronic catarrhal conditions and breathlessness at the night.

Bacillinum is helpful in brain infections of tubercular cases. This is good for a person who has a tendency of taking cold.

It is suitable for a lonely, depressed, and irritable person. Overall complaints are aggravated the night or in the early morning. The patient feels worse in cold air.

It is a nosode, therefore useful as an intercurrent medicine. Bacillinum can help other medicines in the early recovery of a patient.

Bacillinum Uses

This article will cover from head to toe all the organs of the body. And wherever symptoms are matched, this medicine can be used-

Mind Complaints 

Bacillinum is a great remedy for old patients who has chronic chest affection. It is indicated for a patient who takes cold easily.

It is indicated for a depressed, lonely, and irritable person. It is beneficial for the depression of a tubercular patient.

A patient fears a dog. It is a characteristic symptom of a Bacillinum. A patient feels fear and loneliness during the disease condition.

It is indicated for restlessness at night. A patient complains of disturbance of sleep at the night but feels drowsy during the daytime. The sleep is disturbed because of many dreams.

Head Complaints 

Bacillinum is indicated for tubercular meningitis. A patient complains of headache and trembling of hands associated with cold sweat in the back region.

It is indicated for a patient who feels a tight iron band around the head and a deep throbbing headache. Headache reappears from time to time and is aggravated after shaking the head.

A patient suffers from sleeplessness due to headaches at night. The appearance of ringworm eruption on the scalp is an indication of a Bacillinum medicine.

It is useful for hair loss in a patient with tubercular diathesis.

Eyes Complaints

Bacillinum is indicated for the eczematous condition of the margin of eyelids.

Ears Complaints

Bacillinum is useful for ear pain associated with a chronic catarrhal disease condition.

Nose Complaints

Bacillinum is useful for mucopurulent discharge associated with congestion of the chest.

It is indicated for a person, who tends to take cold easily after exposure to cold air.

Mouth Complaints

Bacillinum is indicated for a patient who has imperfectly developed teeth. A patient complains of grinding the teeth during sleep.

It is useful for lower teeth pain especially incisors associated with raising the lower lips. A patient complains of tooth pain in the open air. A patient is very sensitive to cold open air.

Face Complaints

Bacillinum is indicated for a pimple on the left cheek. A patient complains of recurrent breakage of a pimple with discharge. A pimple remains on the cheek for many weeks.

Throat Complaints

Bacillinum is indicated for ticking in the throat with recurrent cough. A patient complains of enlarged glands in the neck region with pain on the touch.

Chest Complaints:

Bacillinum is a great remedy for a slight hacking cough which is difficult to expectorate.

A patient has a cough during sleep associated with shaking of the body. A cough disturbs the sleep of a patient, and a patient can expectorate cough easily at night.

A patient complains of aggravation of cough in the morning and after exposure to the cold air. A patient can expectorate thick white sputum from the air passage.

It is indicated for sharp pain in the precordial region with difficulty in breathing. A patient has sharp pain in the left scapula which is aggravated by lying down in the bed at the night and relieved by warmth.

Bacillinum is useful for the oppression of the chest, breathlessness with coryza, cough, and humid asthma. It is indicated for noise in the chest with mucopurulent expectoration.

Bacillinum clears the congestion of the chest; thus, helps other medicine to cure Tuberculosis. The characteristic of a patient is less expectoration.

It is beneficial for lung disease in old people with chronic catarrhal conditions, who feel suffocation during sleep and have a difficult cough.

Bacillinum is useful for non-tubercular chest conditions also. Especially for bronchorrhea and dyspnea associated with cough.

Heart Complaints

Bacillinum is rarely indicated for heart disease. A patient complains of oppression of the chest with anxiety and fear of disease during tuberculosis.

Stomach Complaints

Bacillinum is indicated for eructation dyspepsia associated with pain in the right side of the rib region below the right breast.

It is indicated for stomach problems associated with respiratory complaints.

Abdomen Complaints

Bacillinum is useful for abdominal infections like chronic diarrhea associated with sweat, enlargement of inguinal glands, and inflammation of the spleen.

It is indicated for abdominal pain, fever, restlessness, and discomfort the night. A patient complains of poor appetite, blue hands, grinding of teeth, and pain in the abdomen.

Bacillinum is beneficial for mesenteric glands inflammation associated with enlargement of glands in the groin area with severe pain.

It is useful for a patient who talks during sleep and always grinds his teeth. Bacillinum is a great remedy for inflammatory conditions of abdominal glands like mesenteric and inguinal glands.

Rectum Complaints

Bacillinum is a great remedy for sudden gushing diarrhea with nausea, especially after breakfast.

It is indicated for obstinate constipation with the passage of bad smell gases. It is useful for piles with stitching pain.

Bacillinum is helpful for diarrhea; stools mix with blood associated with chronic cough conditions.

Urinary Complaints

Bacillinum is indicated for frequent urination at night. A patient complains of an increased quantity of pale urine mixed with white sediments. A patient has a feeble urinary flow.

Male Complaints

Bacillinum is indicated for loss of sexual function associated with feeble urinary flow. It is useful for premature senility with tubercular diathesis.

If a patient has a ringworm infection on genital organs, then Bacillinum can work as an intercurrent medicine.

Female Symptoms

Bacillinum has no special effects for menstrual problems. If a woman has tubercular diathesis and suffers from frequent urination during the night or ringworm infections in genital regions, this is the remedy for such a case.

It is indicated as a pimple on the left cheek which stays for many weeks.

Hand Symptoms

Bacillinum is indicated for great weakness and trembling of hands associated with fever during chest congestion.

A patient complains of cough and fever with trembling hands.

Legs Symptoms

Bacillinum is useful for tubercular inflammation of the knee. A patient complains of knee pain while walking, but the pain ameliorates after continues walking for some time.

Back Symptoms

Bacillinum helps with upper back pain near the neck region. Upper back pain is associated with the enlargement of glands in the neck area.

Skin Symptoms

Bacillinum is a good remedy for ringworm infection, especially in the scalp region. It is indicated for hair loss from the head region associated with tubercular meningitis and headache.

Bacillinum has a special affection for an eczematous eruption at the margin of the left eyelids and for a pimple on the left cheek.

If a patient has a tendency for a ringworm infection, then 1 dose of Bacillinum every month will help to cure the tendency of patient.

Fever Symptoms

Bacillinum is indicated for a flush of heat associated with deep severe headaches and profuse sweating.

A patient complains of fever, trembling of hands, grinding of teeth, restlessness, and discomfort at night.

A fever is associated with either congestion of a chest or abdominal infection. Bacillinum is useful for fever with tubercular diathesis.

Bacillinum Modalities

Modalities are the factors that increase or decrease the complaints in a patient.

They are categorized as aggravating factors and amelioration factors.

Aggravating factors make the condition of the illness worse, while the amelioration factor makes the condition of the disease better.

It can be time, any part of the day, season, position, or any applications, etc.

Aggravated By-

Bacillinum symptoms are aggravated at the night, in the early morning, and after exposure to cold air.

Cough symptoms aggravated in the morning and after exposure to cold air. A patient complains of a cough associated with difficulty breathing after lying down on the bed.

Left knee pain is aggravated during walking.

The headache is aggravated after shaking the head and at the night. Headache associated with constant motion is a characteristic note of a Bacillinum.

A patient complains of aching in the lower teeth after raising the lower lips and exposure to open air. A Bacillinum patient is very much sensitive to open and cold air.

Amelioration By-

Bacillinum symptoms are relieved after continuous walking or after the application of warm.

Cough complaints are ameliorated after the application of warm.

Left knee pain is ameliorated after continuing walking for a long duration.

Relationship with Other Medicine

Complementary Medicines-

Complementary medicines are homeopathy remedies, that help each other to complete the cure of a disease. There are some remedies which are help Bacillinum to complete the cure. Sometimes, a patient shows acute symptoms other than a chronic disease, in such conditions complementary medicines are needed.

Calcarea phos, Lachesis and Kali carb are complementary medicines for Bacillinum.

Calcarea Phos is a very good complementary medicine in the case of Bacillinum.

Bacillinum Antidoted by-

Some remedies are needed to nullify side effects or aggravation of symptoms of Bacillinum. Such remedies are essential to complete the cure of a disease without any side effects.

In such cases, Calcarea phos can be useful to nullify unwanted symptoms. The coffee remedy is a universal antidote for homeopathy remedies.

A coffee remedy or Coffee drink can be useful as an antidote to avoid side effects or unwanted symptoms of Bacillinum.

Bacillinum Antidotes-

Bacillinum antidotes side effects of some homeopathy remedies. Or in other words, it helps other medicines for the rapid cure of the disease.

It antidotes unwanted effects of Lachesis, Arsenic iodum, and Antimuonium iod.

It is useful to cure weakness after the course of Arsenic iodum, Antimonium iodum, Lachesis, Myosotis, and Levico.

Follows well-

Bacillinum follows well some remedies as an intercurrent remedy. Bacillinum helps some homeopathy remedies to complete the cure of the disease.

Such remedies are Lachesis, Arsenic Iodum, and Antimonium iodum.

Followed well by-

Remedies that follow well Bacillinum to complete cure in chronic diseases are mentioned under this heading.

Such remedies are Calcarea Phos and Kali carb. These remedies go well after Bacillinum to complete the cure of a disease condition.

Bacillinum Dosage & Potencies

Dosage and potency are the repetitions of remedy and strength of a remedy respectively. In homeopathy, dosage means repetition of a dose is an important part of a treatment.

The dosage of a remedy depends on the age, severity of symptoms, and type of disease (chronic or acute disease). In chronic disease, minimum repetition is required while in acute cases, frequent repetition is needed.

In young people or in children, frequent repetition is useful, but in old people’s cases, less repetition is key.

Similarly, the strength of a medicine decides the duration of recovery. In acute cases with severe symptoms, a high dose with frequent repetition can produce early recovery. In chronic cases, high doses with some intervals are good for a patient for a favorable prognosis.

For homeopathy treatment, perfect dosage and potency are necessary for the early recovery of a patient. In the case of Bacillinum, lower potency like 2X, 3X, 6X, and mother tincture is not useful.

Bacillinum is available in higher potency like 30C, 200C, 1M, and 10M. It produces an excellent result in higher potency only. In fact, all Nosodes are useful in higher potency.

Bacillinum 30 Uses-

Bacillinum 30 is useful in skin diseases. It is indicated in ringworm infection, pimples, and eczematous condition of the margin of the left eyelid.

4 globules of Bacillinum 30, once a week is good. There is no need for frequent repetition.

Bacillinum 30 is useful for fever conditions and knee pain. It is also useful in the chronic cough of old people.

If a patient complains of cough with little expectoration and difficulty in breathing, then give 4 globules of Bacillinum 30 dissolved in 1 glass of water and give 1 teaspoon of solution every 2 hours for 2-3 days. It helps to reduce congestion of the chest.

Bacillinum 200 Uses-

Bacillinum 200 is indicated in acute cases of headache, abdominal pain, or fever. Repetition of Bacillinum depends on the severity of symptoms.

In most cases, 4 globules of Bacillinum 200, dissolve in 1 glass of water and give 1 teaspoon of liquid every 2-3 hours. It helps to relieve headaches.

Bacillinum 1M Uses-

Bacillinum 1M is useful as an intercurrent medicine. Intercurrent medicine helps other medicine for the rapid cure of a patient. It is also useful to reduce the tendency to take a cold or ringworm infection if given a single dose every month.

Bacillinum 1M is useful to follow certain medicines like Lachesis, Antimonium iod, and Arsenic iodum; to reduce the weakness of a patient.

Bacillinum 3X/6X Uses-

Bacillinum 3x/6x is not available potencies. Bacillinum produces excellent results in higher potencies only.

Bacillinum mother tincture Uses-

Bacillinum mother tincture is not available. As it is a preparation of a disease product like sputum of Tuberculosis patients. Mother tincture cannot be prepared.

Bacillinum Side Effects

Bacillinum is a nosode. It is mostly used as an intercurrent medicine. This means it is indicated either at the start of the homeopathy treatment or at the end of the treatment to complete the cure of a patient.

In some cases, like recurrent ringworm infections, recurrent cold conditions, and chronic chest complaints; it is prescribed once a month to reduce the tendency of a patient.

Till now, there are no side effects are recorded regarding the Bacillinum remedy.

It is prepared with the help of dilution and succession methods; therefore, natural harmful effects are nullified, and medicinal effects are resurfaced.

Bacillinum is safe to use but only under the guidance of a homeopathy doctor.

Remember that homeopathic remedies are prescribed based on individual symptoms and characteristics. It’s crucial to consult with a qualified homeopath for proper evaluation and personalized treatment. Homeopathy focuses on treating the whole person, so a detailed case study is necessary to select the most appropriate remedy.

Homeopathic medicines should be taken only when prescribed by a homeopathic physician. Self-medication may aggravate the original conditions.

Plank Homeopathy Disease Kits

A specialized homeopathy kit prepared for each disease based on years of clinical experience.

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