Aesculus Hip 30, 200, 1M Best Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

Aesculus Hip 30, 200, 1M Uses, Benefits, Dosage , Side Effects

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Aesculus hippocastanum is commonly known as Horse chestnut. It is a plant kingdom remedy that belongs to the family Sapindaceous. Aesculus Hip 30 & Aesculus Hip 200 are the most commonly used homeopathic medicines.

It is one of the great remedies that help to treat hemorrhoids with severe backache.

It is also helpful in treating problems with venous swelling and has a strong affinity for the veins of the liver, abdomen, pelvis, and rectum.

The prover of Aesculus, Dr. E. M Hale said that the central point of action of this remedy is the liver and the portal system. He also added that nine out of ten of its symptoms are due to this action.

Aesculus Hip Constitution/Personality

Aesculus hippocastanum is best suited for patients having hemorrhoidal tendencies, and who suffer from gastric, bilious, or catarrhal troubles.

They are lazy, dull people and also very cheerful and happy but when their back hurts, they become despondent, depressed, and irritable.

Guiding symptoms of Aesculus hippocastanum

Patients who require Aesculus have constant dull backache in the lumbosacral or sacroiliac region across the sacrum and hips.

The rectum and the portal system are especially affected by this remedy in cases of congestion of the liver, in which the liver slowed down its action being sluggish and painful.

Aesculus is an effective remedy for purple, protruding piles. The piles are external or maybe internal, blind, and are very sore associated as if splinters were in the rectum.

The patients of Aesculus usually have a feeling of fullness in the region of the liver along with backache that gets worse by walking or stooping.

Aesculus is also a very effective remedy for catarrhal troubles in which there is thin, watery, burning coryza with sensitivity to inhale cold air.

The active principle of Aesculus is aescin. It helps in reducing capillary fragility and prevents leakage of fluids into surrounding tissue that can lead to cause edema. Aescin also has anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce inflammation after injury, venous insufficiency, and swelling.

Aesculus hippocastanum Uses

This article will cover the symptoms of the medicine from head to toe to all the organs of the body. And wherever the symptoms are matched, this medicine can be used-

Mind symptoms

Aesculus patients are gloomy and irritable about his complaints. They lose their temper easily and gain control slowly.

They become extremely irritable if things are not done according to their wishes.

There is complete confusion of mind when they wake up after sleeping for several hours, where they do not know where they are, and they cannot recognize the environment.

The conditions of Aesculus patients become worse during and after sleep.

It is also often seen in children that they wake up at midnight with a feeling of fear, completely lost that they do not know whether they are still in the dream or not.

There is a disinclination to perform any mental or physical work with the confusion of mind and wanting rest.

Head symptoms

Headache due to stagnation of blood and engorgement of veins, with a feeling of fullness, pressure from inside out as if the brain would burst.

Most of the headaches of Aesculus are centered on the forehead and occiput associated with dull pain and heaviness as if the head would be crushed.

There is hyper aesthesia (extreme sensitivity) of the scalp, soreness of the scalp, the side which rested on the pillow.

Eyes symptoms

Aesculus is a wonderful eye remedy. There is great redness of the eyes, with lachrymation, burning eyeballs, and vascular appearance.

The eyeballs feel sore and there is sharp, shooting pain in the eyes.

Ears symptoms

Aesculus is a very helpful remedy for ear complaints if there is fullness in both ears with a burning sensation.

Pain in the ears moves from one side to the other.

Aesculus is suited to the complaint of mastoiditis with paroxysmal pain behind the ear.

Nose symptoms

Aesculus gives very good results in coryza.

The coryza is thin, watery, burning with the sensation of rawness. The nose is very sensitive to inhaled cold air.

There is fluent coryza that causes profuse secretion of mucus in nostrils which further causes fullness of the nose with frontal headache.

There is burning in the nostrils with a cool feeling in the nose on breathing in.

Mouth symptoms

Aesculus hippocastanum is indicated in mouth complaints where there is a white or yellow coating over the tongue.

There is a metallic taste in the mouth with scalded feeling on the tongue.

The patients of Aesculus also complain of oily taste of saliva with excessive salivation.

The tip of the tongue feels sore as if ulcerated. There is difficulty in moving the tongue and can’t control the tongue to form words correctly due to the sensation of spasmodic contraction of the mouth.

Face symptoms

In Aesculus, the patient’s face looks ill and has a miserable appearance.

Flush of blood to face soon after rubbing it, rubbing after washing the face produces red spots under the skin which gives congested look to the face.

There is also flying heat and redness of the left side of the face with burning in the left cheek.

Throat symptoms

Aesculus is a wonderful remedy for treating follicular pharyngitis, where there is dryness, roughness, and fullness as if he had a cold with violent burning and raw sensation in the throat.

There is a feeling as if something is lodged in the throat that causes frequent inclination to swallow, and when the patient swallows there is marked burning and stinging pain in the throat.

The throat feels excoriated and constricted. There is marked duskiness around the throat. Aesculus helps to prevent inflammation of the throat, varicose vein, and ulceration of the throat.

Aesculus is also very effective in the sore throat with frequent inclination to swallow.

Chest symptoms

This remedy is also suited to all kinds of respiratory complaints from bronchitis to tuberculosis.

There is a lot of tightness and pain across the chest alternating with the pain in the abdomen.

Aesculus is a very good remedy for dry short cough on deep breathing which gets increased from swallowing.

Heart symptoms

Aesculus is very effective in heart complaints when there is burning pain in the heart region and stitching pain during deep inspiration.

There is severe periodical palpitation of the heart, with great anxiety and the pulsation could be seen all over the body.

Stomach symptoms

Aesculus is indicated when there is constant burning, dull distressing pain in the epigastric region.

It is also indicated when there is a feeling of emptiness, faintness in the morning, before breakfast but after eating the patients complain of heaviness and heartburn with eructation’s that taste of the food.

Aesculus is a wonderful remedy for heartburn after eating where there is a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, a feeling of weight as if from a stone.

Aesculus has worked very well in treating the ulceration of the stomach where the swallowed food becomes sour, and the patient eructates it immediately.

There is an inclination to vomit with nausea after one and half hours of eating and great eructation of thick mucus.

There is considerable pain in the stomach for five hours after eating, which continues till after taking food again.

Abdomen and Rectum symptoms

It has a great disturbance of the digestion, the digestion is slow, the bowels are constipated and there is a protrusion of the rectum during defecation.

There is a marked portal stasis in right hypochondrium of the abdomen and the rectum.

There is tenderness and fullness in the region of the liver.

Aesculus is a great remedy for hemorrhoids that do not bleed, but it can treat the bleeding piles also.

The hemorrhoidal veins are distended, the stool becomes jammed into the rectum against these distended veins which further causes ulceration with bleeding and great suffering.

Aesculus is also very effective in treating constipation where there is dry, hard stool difficult to pass with dryness and heat of rectum accompanied by severe backache.

Urinary symptoms

Aesculus is indicated when there is a frequent desire to pass urine but little at a time. Urine is scanty and of dark yellow color having brown dark sediment in it.

There is burning pain in the urethra during urination and stitching, stinging shooting pain in the ureters.

Aesculus is a very good remedy for dysuria (painful urination) where the nature of urine is dark, muddy, and passed with much pain.

There is also terrible pain in the region of the kidneys which gets aggravated by motion.

Male symptoms

Aesculus is a very beneficial remedy for male-related issues where there are nocturnal emissions due to amorous dreams.

There is the discharge of prostatic fluid at every stool and during urination.

Patients complain of dull and heavy shooting pain through the penis.

Female symptoms

Aesculus is often indicated in troubles of women with great dragging down pain in the pelvis with acrid, dark leucorrhea.

Leucorrhea with severe dull backache in lumbosacral articulation.

The women feel that the uterus is engorged, the lower part of the abdomen feels full, before and during menses.

During pregnancy, there are many complaints with soreness and fullness of the uterus and pain across the back when walking.

Aesculus has marked action on venous congestion, and hence it is very effective in treating complaints of the varicose vein during pregnancy.

It is also indicated in treating the complaints of uterine prolapse mostly in postmenopausal women where there is a sensation of heaviness in the pelvis and trouble having a bowel movement.

Hand and Leg symptoms

Aesculus is an effective remedy in gouty rheumatic affections, neuralgic affections, and gout in all the joints of the extremities.

This rheumatic tendency is especially found from the elbows to the hand with tearing pain which gets relieved by heat.

Aesculus is also effective in treating the varicose vein of the thighs and legs, as it has a striking feature of varicose tendency in the body.

There is the sensation of paralysis and weakness of the upper limbs while writing and the lower limbs while walking.

Back symptoms

Aesculus is highly indicated in back troubles where there is constant severe dull backache affecting the sacrum and hips which is aggravated by walking and stopping forward, patients must sit or lie down.

There is a sensation of heaviness and lameness in the back, feels as if the back would break.

There is pain in the lumbar and sacral region after stool and rheumatic pain in the right scapula on breathing.

Skin symptoms

The skin of the Aesculus patient has a goose skin appearance characterized by small, red bumps around hair follicles.

There is itching in the whole body, especially around the waist and the anus.

Aesculus is also indicated in treating many skin-related issues including ringworm and eczema.

Fever symptoms

Aesculus has worked very well in case of fever with chills and goose skin.

There is sensitivity to cold air, when the cold air strikes, skin feels chilly, and teeth chatter during fever.

There is profuse, hot perspiration during fever with burning in the palms and soles.

Modalities of Aesculus Hip

Modalities are the factors that, increase or decrease the complaints in a patient.

They are categorized as aggravating factors and amelioration factors.

Aggravating factors make the condition of the illness worse, while the amelioration factor makes the condition of the disease better.

It can be time, any part of the day, season, position, or any applications, etc.

Aggravated By

Almost all the conditions of Aesculus get aggravated by motion while walking and stooping especially the backache. The condition of Aesculus also gets worse during sleep and in the morning on waking.

Amelioration By

Cool, open-air, bathing, in summer and continued exertion.

Relationship with Other Medicine

Complementary Medicines

Complementary medicines are those that complete the process of cure that is started by the first medicine given.

Remedies complementary to Aesculus are- Carbo veg., Lachesis, Muriatic acid.

Similar Medicines

Similar medicines are those medicines that have many similarities in action but are different in origin, which means the source of the medicine from where it is prepared is different.

Medicines similar to Aesculus are Aloe, Collinsonia, Ignatia, Muriatic acid, Nux vomica, and Sulphur in hemorrhoids.

Followed well by

These are the medicines given after the first medicine finished its action.

Aesculus is followed well by Collinsonia, Nux vomica, and Sulphur.

Antidoted by

Aesculus is antidoted by Nux vomica and Coffea

Aesculus hippocastanum Dosage & Potencies

The dosage and potency of the homeopathic medicines depend upon the individualization of every case.

Homeopathic medicines are prescribed based on symptoms similarity between the patient and the medicine.

During case taking your doctor will take a complete history of your sufferings and make a totality, then prescribe a medicine similar to the disease condition.

Aesculus hippocastanum 30 Uses

Lower potency is given when very few symptoms of the patient match with the medicine and help the doctor only to diagnose the disease condition.

This potency requires frequent repetition, 3-4 times a day, till the expected result is seen.

Aesculus hippocastanum 200 Uses

This is considered as higher potency; they are given when the majority of mental symptoms and physical symptoms of Aesculus match.

It is advised not to repeat so frequently as it acts for a long duration of days, so the second dose is repeated only when there is subside of the symptoms.

On giving 200C potency, it’s advisable to wait for the symptoms to subside. It is helpful in conditions of hemorrhoids and swollen veins.

Aesculus hippocastanum 1M Uses

This is very high potency. One should give it only after careful case analysis, where all medicinal symptoms of Aesculus and that given by the patient match perfectly.

One should not repeat 1 M potency. It is given after 30 days once and waiting for symptoms to disappear.

Aesculus hippocastanum Q (Mother Tincture) Uses

Aesculus in tincture form is taken orally by adding 10 drops in half a cup of water thrice a day.

The tincture form of Aesculus is safe and effective. It can be repeated hourly in case of fever and severe dull backache to get the result faster. It can be given to every age group.

Aesculus hippocastanum 3X/6X Uses

This lower potency of Aesculus works well as a therapeutic dose for the management of hemorrhoids and reduces the symptoms such as pain, bleeding, and itching. Very useful in the treatment of leucorrhea with backache, and repeated intake 3-4 times a day is advised.

Clinical Indication of Aesculus hippocastanum

  • Headache
  • Vertigo
  • Fever
  • Follicular pharyngitis
  • Sore throat
  • Coryza
  • Heart affection
  • Liver affection
  • Stomach ulcer
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Urinary affections
  • Backache
  • Leucorrhea
  • Rheumatic affections
  • Varicose vein

Aesculus hippocastanum Side Effects

Homeopathic medicines are prepared by potentization where the dynamic curative power of a crude drug substance is aroused, so homeopathic medicines produce negligible side effects.

Aesculus when taken in crude form or large doses, then it can produce side effects that include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and most commonly eruptions on the skin

If any side effects are seen, then it can be antidoted by Nux vomica.

Remember that homeopathic remedies should be prescribed based on individual symptoms and characteristics. It’s crucial to consult with a qualified homeopath for proper evaluation and personalized treatment. Homeopathy focuses on treating the whole person, so a detailed case study is necessary to select the most appropriate remedy.

Homeopathic medicines should be taken only when prescribed by a homeopathic physician. Self-medication may aggravate the original conditions.

Plank Homeopathy Disease Kits

A specialized homeopathy kit prepared for each disease based on years of clinical experience.

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