Plank Lung Fit Kit


Key Benefits:

  • This is a homeopathic medicine for lung cleansing
  • It helps strengthen the lungs
  • It improves the immunity
  • Prevents recurrence of cough and cold
  • It prevents breathlessness, chest congestion

Plank Lung Fit Kit – Homeopathic Medicine for Lung Cleansing

Introducing the Plank Lung Fit Kit, a specialized homeopathic medicine meticulously crafted to support respiratory health. This comprehensive kit combines specific homeopathic remedies designed to address lung-related concerns, such as cough, wheezing, and shortness of breath. Tailored for individuals seeking a natural and effective solution for lung well-being, the Plank Lung Fit Kit aims to alleviate respiratory discomfort and promote overall lung health.


This is the 1-month of medicine

Key Ingredients:

1-Mother Tincture Combination

  • aspidosperma
  • echinacea
  • boerhavia diffusa
  • pothos foetidus
  • justicia adhatoda
  • grindelia

2-Tablet Ingredients

  • Calcarea Fluor
  • Kalium Mur
  • Natrum Mur
  • Silicea

3-Pills Combination

  • histaminum
  • aconite
  • arsenic album
  • spongia tosta
  • hepar sulph

Benefits of Plank Lung Fit Kit:

1. Homeopathic Medicine for Lung Cleansing:

The Plank Lung Fit Kit is a specialized homeopathic medicine designed for effective lung cleansing, providing a natural solution to enhance respiratory health.

2. Strengthens the Lungs:

Tailored to promote lung strength, this kit’s natural formulations work to fortify the respiratory system, contributing to improved lung function.

3. Improves Immunity:

The Plank Lung Fit Kit aids in enhancing immunity, supporting the body’s defense mechanisms for a robust and resilient respiratory system.

4. Prevents Recurrence of Cough and Cold:

Specifically formulated to prevent the recurrence of cough and cold, this kit provides ongoing support for respiratory wellness, reducing the frequency of respiratory infections.

5. Prevents Breathlessness and Chest Congestion:

Addressing breathlessness and chest congestion, the Plank Lung Fit Kit offers relief from these symptoms, promoting comfortable and unhindered breathing.

Directions For Use:

As directed by a physician. A prescription is sent along with this box if purchased.

Safety Information:

Read the prescription provided with the kit carefully before use
Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight
Keep out of reach of the children
Do not exceed the recommended dosage

Weight 400 kg
Dimensions 21 × 14 × 7 cm


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