Plank BP Manage Kit


Key Benefits:

  • This is a homeopathic medicine for BP
  • It helps reduce the high blood pressure
  • It reduces the fluctuations in blood pressure
  • It enhances blood circulation
  • It strengthens the heart
  • Improves mental calmness

Homeopathic Medicine for BP – Plank BP Manage Kit

Introducing the Plank BP Manage Kit, a specialized homeopathic solution meticulously designed for individuals seeking natural blood pressure management. This comprehensive kit combines specific homeopathic remedies known for their potential to regulate blood pressure levels effectively. Tailored to address the nuances of hypertension, the Plank BP Manage Kit offers a holistic approach without the potential side effects associated with conventional medications. With a focus on promoting cardiovascular well-being, this kit aims to provide a nuanced and natural intervention for those looking to maintain optimal blood pressure levels.


This is the 1-month of medicine

Key Ingredients:

1-Mother Tincture Combination

  • avena sativa
  • rauwolfia
  • allium sativum
  • arjuna
  • crataegus
  • passiflora
  • arsenic

2-Pills Combination

  • aconite
  • gelsemium
  • glonoine
  • ignatia
  • lachesis
  • arsenic

3-Tablet Ingredients

  • Kali phos

Homeopathic Medicine for BP Benefits:

1. Reduces High Blood Pressure:

The Plank BP Manage Kit is crafted to effectively reduce high blood pressure, providing a natural solution for individuals dealing with hypertension.

2. Reduces Fluctuations in Blood Pressure:

This kit is designed to address fluctuations in blood pressure, promoting stability and balance for a more consistent and healthy cardiovascular profile.

3. Enhances Blood Circulation:

By incorporating specific homeopathic remedies, the Plank BP Manage Kit works to enhance blood circulation, supporting overall cardiovascular health and well-being.

4. Strengthens the Heart:

Tailored formulations in the kit aim to strengthen the heart, contributing to its optimal functioning and resilience against the challenges of blood pressure variations.

5. Improves Mental Calmness:

The Plank BP Manage Kit is formulated to not only address physical aspects but also improve mental calmness, offering a holistic approach to blood pressure management.

Homeopathic Medicine for BP Directions For Use:

As directed by a physician. A prescription is sent along with this box if purchased.

Homeopathic Medicine for BP Safety Information:

Read the prescription provided with the kit carefully before use
Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight
Keep out of reach of the children
Do not exceed the recommended dosage

Weight 400 kg
Dimensions 21 × 14 × 7 cm


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